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This came to me as a huge surprise Today... The Crypto Fear & Greed Index just hit an all time high in " Extreme Fear" at level 5! 📊

The "Fear" is much worse now than when we all seen Bitcoin hit $3150 in December 2018! 📆

WTH is going on! Are people that emotional? How can there be more "fear" now (Bitcoin @ $10,000) than last year when Bitcoin was at $3,150? 🤦

I'm pretty dumb founded as I write this post because I'm currently pretty comfortable where the crypto prices are at right now.

Actually I think they whole market is still overvalued. Is it me, or am I just not seeing the "Fear' that most people are experiencing? 🤣

Anyway, when most people are in "Extreme Fear" .... it means that we can see a temporarily recovery in the markets in the short term ( a few days? A week? maybe?).

Who really hell knows! 🤷‍♂️

What are your thoughts? Did we just bottom out and go up from here? ... or is this the last attempt to sucker more people in this huge bull trap?

Only time will tell... but if you're holding for the long term, it really doesn't really matter at the end of the day...

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I don't get it. Usually I adhere to the moto "he who panics first, panics best" and I have been just fine with bitcoin going down, moving sideways for a while, knowing it is healthy in the long run. 'saul good man.

Totally agree 💯

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People are literally sitting in their closets eating a bucket of ice cream right now crying! 😭

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Oh shit! I was doing that last night lol

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Yes indeed it is crazy !
Was talking about it yesterday, check bitcoin performance after we reach such levels ! https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@vlemon/usingfearampgreedindextotradewhynotitseemstowork-4ksfqgbjss

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Crazy huh? I never seen it at a 5 lol

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Same ^^ and it does not even seem like a pessimistic period.

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Invest in GOLD Steemmonsters I think you will be Happy........

That’s true, I need to get some more gold cards 😎

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The bright side is that the fear is at this levels imagine the rally we can see when positivity comes back to the market!

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I’m wondering if it can go to 0 lol

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I would say that the Altcoinmarket is experiencing extreme fear at the moment. As a Bitcoin Investor I would not be worried if I entered the market the last few months.
But some Alt are really in a steep downward trend making ATL.

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They need to make lower lows so I can load up the truck 😬

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I'm just busy in steem-engine loading up on tokens, don't mind me.

There are so many coins there, my brain hurts 😂

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Yeah it's getting pretty wild. Doing my best to stay on top of what's happening but there are new tokens every damn day.

the time we all have been waiting for is almost here i guess

Give it a few months :)

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