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RE: WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?

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I do feel that I need to raise my kids to be good people but I don't worry about doing it so they can take care of me. I don't see this being as big in the future. As tech keeps on making life at home easier here the west I doubt it will be needed as much. I also lost my parents pretty young so I am aware that I might not even be there for them to take care of.

This is why now that my oldest is 4 I am starting to talk to her about being a good person and being her own person. I was raised to do the right thing when I can. I want to make sure she is the same way. I also want to make sure she will be away that not all people are that way. But not to worry if they fool you once just not to let it happen again. I think that if we can do this then if we need their help later in life they will be ready to give it.

I do get that if you don't live in a country like mine it might be different


Appreciate your valuable feedback @stever82. Seriously amazing comment buddy.