Do you feel Generous - Charity CTA

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It's now 10 months we are running this charity program...
And this is one of our first CTA, if not the first one.

Let's see if you feel generous

Here below you will find several ways to help our charity program, feel free to chose one, or several, for you to show your love for this project.


Your delegation will be used to vote blogs of people engaged in the community, and thus people needing money to achieve a decent life.

Delegating allows you to keep control on your hives, and they will continue to grow with the blockchain rewards for staked hives. You can stop the delegation anytime you want.
10 HP | 50 HP | 100 HP | 500 HP |1000 HP | 5000 HP
Those links will delegate to Entr'Aide community account, the power is used to vote and to claim accounts for onboarding new hivers

2- Sending ECU to @IGNET

You can buy (and sell) ECU on Hive-Engine. You can then send them to people you know in financial difficulties or to @IGNET, if sent to @IGNET we will decide to whom we send them or will be shared between all existing Écuyers.

If you are in financial difficulties feel free to take 0.01 ECU, it will put you in the ÉCUYERS list and thus you will be elligible for the next airdrops.

You can also collect 10.000 gaïans for free while watching our streams to redeem free ECU's and you will also be added to the Écuyers' list

3 - Sending NFT's to @IGNET

Each and every NFT received by IGNET will be distributed in our giveaway sessions, those happen on thursday's show from 4 to 7 PM GMT +1

At this moment we have mainly Rising Star cards, but any NFT will do the job ( and could advertise your own dapp).

The receivers are people watching our show.

4- Donations, bits and merchs on Twitch

You may also chose to donate cash, sending bits or buying our merch, as the profit is shared with the people in need. See below to find our twitch channel's link.

Warning: The Streemloots cards are NOT counting for the charity, that is the sole revenue we keep for us to pay the bills. All the other revenues are shared, but will be sent at 100% if the cards allow us to pay 100% of the bills.

Last important thing

We run a twitch channel for our charity, our goal is to create a community that is big enough to attract sponsors, as we want sponsors to become our main income stream for the charity.
Feel free to follow the channel, to watch as often as possible ( even in background) and to talk about it to all your friends, we need tons of viewers.

Shows are in FRENCH, except on Thursdays, those are in English.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this post, for sharing it and for whatever you decide to do with these informations.
Have a great day, and see you soon, maybe ;)

Growing Together...
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Our Twitch channel
Un programme caritatif sur Hive et Twitch


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