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RE: WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?

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Congratulations to the family of @fucho80!

As for making investments of your children:
In the past when most people were hunter-gatherers, it made sense to have a large family because your offspring became your workers.

Today is quite different and most people live in cities and work at jobs away from their properties. Children become liabilities, not investments.

As for God and religion: God sent me a message saying that most religions are interpreting their religious books incorrectly. The books could only be written from the then-current comprehension of mankind and lacked the words and ideas necessary to describe what God actually is. God has no gender, and if anything, women are the ones who bring life into the world, not men, so if you MUST put a gender on God, it would have to be a woman. In the old days, women were lesser than men, so they had to make God a man to enforce the idea of power.


Hello dear @happyme, thanks for being here.

Congratulations to the family of @fucho80!

Thank you for your congratulation message, I really appreciate the gesture and support, it is very important for my family.