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You are very admirable.
The world is happy for you.

I bet that the big brother is violent,
In order to let his family eat an extra bowl of rice,
Let others have no food to eat.


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Amigo @fucho80

Es una obra grandiosa la que hacen.
De verdad que si.
Soy testigo de lo duro de la situación en mí país, lo que me determinó a emigrar.

La ayuda de @ crypto.piort para muchos es evidente, es un personaje muy humano y colaborador, destacando que es de manera desinteresada ,y @project.hope, una iniciativa excelente que está beneficiando a muchos.

Cuenta comigo para este mes.

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Me interesa el proyecto, se que es uno de los buenos.
Voy a revisarlo, a ver de que manera me puedo integrar.
Gracias @fucho80


I´m in!

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Friend @fucho80 only God knows our needs but nevertheless it is always better to give than to receive. I congratulate you for that great work.

May God bless you and your whole family.

I think in this case you need to receive first to be able to give. No one has profit from it if you give everything away and you and your family get sick and die for hunger.

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It is more as no help at all and you can not do more like your best.
There are many people from Venezuela here, some manage in a great way or might have contacts with farmers or... Who might be of help. I do not know how big these distances are and if a way can be found to contact and help eachother. If you only focus on the small group you work with not much will happen. How about starting to join and integrate in the rest of this world too?
Have a look at those I have contact with, who join the ccc contests see @team-ccc. Blessings for you, send you some +SBI. 💕

I noticed the criminal downvoter is after you too!

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Dear @fucho80

I just had a chance to read your publication a moment ago. It's absolutely a pleasure to be part of this team and collaborate with you and others :)

Reality is that if not for you guys, I would probably give up on Steemit as I don't see much value in this platform right now (except of getting to know some valuable people)

I'm also glad that this project is giving you some extra strength to go through your every-day-struggle.

One of the aspects that I want to highlight is the fact that the number of families served by one family increased to two families per month

I found it confusing. What do you mean?

Yours, Piotr