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RE: WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?

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Some light...

how to raise our kids?

Go for it... it's my way. If you think there is some preparation, forget it. You either go for it, or you don't. The rest depends more on who you are than actually who you are going to raise.

how to ensure that they will not abandon us in the future?

That's is something you can't really think about if you want to raise children. Love and freedom need to coexist. If a parent does not understand when to let go, then it's being a BAD parent. Try to learn with your children... they probably will teach you more than you to them.

do we even believe that tradition of kids taking care of their parents will still exist in the next 20-30 years?

Not even now... or 10 years ago. Call me what you wish... =) it's my view.


Big thx for your comment and for sharing your opinion on discussed topic @forykw