Some Exciting News! Badge release!

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Yes, at last, the new badge will be released on Sunday!

But first, here is a description of the badge!


The badge will be distributed via the @hivebuzz system to each entrant of the @combination giveaway contest!


This badge will show the world that you care and the bonus is that you stand a chance to win in the giveaway numbers draw!

To win? Yes indeed as the weekly income of @combination is split 50/50 between the entrants with the winning numbers and the @papilloncharity.

There are 5 stars(levels) at the badge!

Badge Star Description!

Each badge has 5 stars below it that will indicate the levels of participation.
The total value of each star is 10 points.
1 point for each hbd and 1 point for each hive donation.

Here below is a list of the first Hivers that are active in @combination and they will receive the badge!


Is your name on the list for a badge? If not, why not?

We can all do this together and everyone can be a winner depending on the giveaway draws.

I call this picture "Hungry Shadows", as they are poor children at a feeding scheme during the Covid lockdown.
Hungry shadows.jpg

So if you shake your head negatively to this effort, then you will only remain a shadow in the lives of the poor.

Finally, just to assure you that this is a legitimate cause.

A breakdown of the @combination giveaway draw income;

Here’s how the independent giveaway draw works!

Transfer 1 HBD to @combination to enter the draw. (Enter as many times as you like)
First Place = 35%. Second Place =15% Total giveaway = 50%
@papilloncharity receives 50%
Total of each weekly draw distributed = 100%

You can also choose just to donate to the charity if you prefer not to enter the numbers draw!
You can also donate your winnings back to @combination
Everyone stands to benefit if this effort grows!

So, you can see in the above that this is indeed a win-win situation.

A great thank you to everyone on the list above!

More sponsors are indeed also welcome!


That is exciting news, thank you @combination and very well done on your efforts @papilloncharity!

I have more exiting news Lady @lizelle.
We delivered 8 new laptops to another Non Profit today.
They educate poor children that cannot afford school shoes and we are launching a coding project.

That is wonderful news indeed my friend!

Thank you kindly Lady Lizzie!

Happy to donate knowing the funding is being put to good use, thanks @combination keep up the good works.

Thank you for your trust in us Lady Joan and it's always great to see the fellow South Africans like you and others here on Hive that support our efforts!

Blessings and you know that we appreciate your kind support!

Good deeds only happen when support is sought after, then given to continue the journey, good luck!

So true Lady Joan and thank you for your support on @combination


Always a pleasure @combination

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Congratulations @combination! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You received more than 2250 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 2500 upvotes.

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking
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Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day

Now if we received 1 HBD from every of the 2250 upvotes, I could take you for lunch 🤣

Thank you kindly for the notice and it's a good start!

Hopefully people take part, as it goes to a good cause :)

Thank you for your confidence in us Taraz,
Times are tough for the Hive price, but we will simply continue to build.

That is awesome! I hope your participation goes up! I sent a little gift to your wallet. Use however you see fit.

Many blessings to you.

Wow! What a huge gift!
Most certainly a wonderful gift from a lady with a wonderful heart.
We are amazed at your kindness and you are a perfect example to all of us!

Thank you SO MUCH and we are honored to have you as friend!

May the light continue to shine on your road Lady @dswigle ❤️

This looks great. Glad to see it almost ready.

Thank you and you will always be one of us my friend.
We are building on the great foundation that you helped us to lay!

Ill be proud to carry the badge, and am pleased to help this worthy charity in my small way. 🙂

Thank you kindly G-dog, @galenkp and you are a part of us!

A beautiful initiative. Please find a little gift for your wallet for any use! Let us hope for growth. @papilloncharity!!!

Wow! You certainly have a good heart and I am glad that we met, even if it's just online.
Thank you kindly and I believe that if things are done openly and honestly, that it will indeed grow. Eventually :)

You're very welcome; @papilloncharity!


Sounds worthy, let's give it a try.

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