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RE: WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?

in #charity2 years ago
  • how to raise our kids? - with love
    • how to ensure that they will not abandon us in the future? - if they been raised with love they always will be with you.
    • do we even believe that tradition of kids taking care of their parents will still exist in the next 20-30 years? - Kids are and will be connected to the parents they have because it is they real home and they love back the parents which raised them.

Many parents think they love their kids but the do not. They love them self at firs and think whats good for them has to be good for their kids but that's not love.


Thx for dropping by and sharing your thoughts @blockchainnerd

ps. did you stop posting on steemit? I've noticed that your latest publication is over 1 month old. Hope you're not giving up on this platform.