My Cooking Series #StayHomeChallenge Part-2

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Today Is a day for Pasta! I am not a good cooker but trying to cook whatever I can. I was planning to cook pasta today for my dinner. It was not so good as I put much turmeric powder and I was getting the smell of it while eating.


But as you know, I have to stay at home and food it mandatory for our life, so I need to eat.

I want to share how I made it and you maybe can correct me by comment.
I cooked two eggs separately and then made them small pieces. Boiled oil and pasta same time in two different pot.

Then put some onion and turmeric powder, chili powder, garlic and ginger paste, Ketchup Sauce, Plain yogurt, salt, some other unknown ingredients :D.


Then I put my favourite vegetable which is a mix of carrot, broccoli and cauliflower. I cooked it well and then put the pasta in it.


Well, now it is ready for eating.

Let us know what you are doing today at home? Write under #StayHomeChallenge .

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Kudos to your family for helping people as much as you do! The best thing I have seen come out of all this is how many people are helping each other. We must stick together! <3

Sorry, I had to change the post to #stayhomechallenge as it was repeated twice. You can see the post in profile. Thank you for your comment and glad to see so many people are helping each other. Are you doing well?

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