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RE: WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?

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This is the kind of thinking that burdens kids. Yes it's the thought culture of older generation but yes it is already outdated. It causes resentment in adulthood to find out you're alive only to be used by your parents and not because you are a product of their love. Nope. Don't have kids if you're only going to use them when you grow old.

Let's have the decency and respect to have our own investment for the older version of ourselves. Let's change that burdening thought culture and be proud to have children because of love not because they will be a source of money and will be our future caretakers.

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Big thx for this amazing comment and for your time @artgirl

Don't have kids if you're only going to use them when you grow old.

Perhaps I'm seeing children being "an investment" because I've spent to many years living around Chinese people (either chinese-malaysians or chinese-singaporians) and that's how they seem to "work". They raise kids so in the future kids would take care of them (parents usually move to live with their own kids, even if they are married and have families). Level of independence in those communities is very ... low.


Yes it is a culture, not only in China but elsewhere too. It's one of the practices we should change as current adults. We are the only ones who can change the future. Let's hope and pray the next generation can do better than us too.