I Will Give Everyone Who Posts about ChallengeDac App 1000 $CHLP and a $1 worth Upvote

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Download The ChallengeDac App and make a Steemit post about it showing a Screenshot of the App on your mobile and get a 1000 CHLP Tip from me. Your post will also get a $1 worth upvote from the @challengedac account. Just Make #challengedac one of your tags on your post so it can be easily sorted out.

The Challenge app is an App used to create and fulfill Geo-Specific and time sensitive tasks whereby one can Challenge a friend or group of people to carry out an exercise task etc and then the person who has been challenged unlocks a Crypto reward once they are at the designated location and task is completed.

The ChallengeDac App is Steem and EOS based. Available on mobile for Android and iOS users. The App has it's local currency called CHL on Newdex and CHLP(pegged) on Steem-engine.

Download App here to get Started:)

Android: (ChallengeDac App)
iOS:(Challenge And Fun App)


Buy CHL on @newdex-io:
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Telegram: https://t.me/Challenge_DAC
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/challengedacdapp/
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beautoiful post , i love teh way you went over the steps. we just have to keep making challenges and watch as the app gets updated before our eyes over the winter and we just have to keep marketing bro, we will get every steem user who is active some CHL so when the mainstream world invests in the next big fitness dapp, we will be there to say we were first, we will be the ground flor.

Absolutely bro! Like you already know, all we do is win. The early adopters will count themselves as lucky.

great work! heres ANOTHER upvote on your comment! But we need MORE people! I need to be upvoting MORE people at least 5 new CHL users a day :) Ill also give you steem to BURN on Steempeak.com to promote posts


Successes in this path of new projects. Good vibes.

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Awwww! Many thanks friend! @angelica7