Challengedac App Promo YouTube Video

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Watch this Challengedac Promotional video I made for Nigerians and Steemians as a whole. Learn how the ChallengeDac App works. I am currently hosting a Contest on the Steemit Blockchain where each participant gets 1000 CHLP and a $1 Upvote from the official @challengedac account if you make a Steem post about ChallengeDac App using the #challengedac tag. Here is the contest link.

Download the ChallengeDac App for Android or Challenge & Fun App for iOS to send and receive challenges.

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Gotten my app already... Get yours and let's challenge each other 😁

Superb. My Challenge username=) Citimillz115

Do this and make a video of you using the app and theres serious rewards in it for you.

Nice one bro, already using the app

Great! I trust you are having fun with the app man

The challenge is on. Let's do this bro

Yea bro.

I'm game!

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