Challengeeos $2 Steem Curation Party For All Steemians

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Join The Challengeeos Curation Party and get rewarded with a $2 worth of Upvote on your post. The Challengeeos
Team which i happen to be a member is hosting a Curation party as a New Year gift to Steemians. We will be giving out full 100% Upvotes from our 230k Steem Power accounts. Get our App on your mobile and receive 20 CHL Bonus on the App and also create a free EOS wallet that runs on the EOS main net for a start. Now here are the few steps to follow to earn your Steem.

-Download the Challenge App on your mobile

-Create an account

-Send a challenge to your friend and take a Screenshot of the activity

-Make a Steemit post about it and use #challengedac as one of the tags on your post

Your Post will be sorted out and you get your $2 Upvote. Just Incase you are wondering what Challengeeos App is all about:)

Challengeeos App is an EOS Based mobile challenge app is used to send and receive challenges. Players send challenges to the challenge receivers asking them to go to a certain location and carry out a task like challenging them to eat in a restaurant or go to a gym. The App works with a GPS function which means it is geo-specific and time sensitive. The challenge receiver must be at the specified location and complete the task given to be able to unlock the crypto rewards. tokens which are used to make payments on the app are CHL which is the app's local currency and is available on Newdex, CoinGecko and Okex exchanges. EETH, SENSE, SAND Tokens are also found on the app. Challengeeos also has a steem pegged asset available on @steem-engine called CHLP.

Challengeeos mobile App is available for Android and iOS Users. The Challengeeos Team are based in San Diego, California.
Download The ChallengeDAC App for your mobile Here=)

For Android Users:
For IOS Users :

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:


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Twitter: @ChallengeDac



I'm def signing up for this challenge, looks exciting :)

You bet.

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Bro im so happy to see steem comments , 14 real comments that means this project with @citimilz and @challengedac @chaceeskam is working and, for a budget of maybe a few thousand dollars a month, with maybe almost a thousand dollars youd get back in curation , so i think we can make a report and show all the eosio dapps that steem ca be used to promote their token. They can get a steem engine peg like CHLP and start promoting on steem as a much cheaper way to operate than eos and ist expensive accounts and cpu.

We really need to support @reishi556 and the amazing tool dtube creator helped him make with captcha verification, it needs support And SP most of all. we need to give new users 35 SP for 1 week, and it needs to flow freely even if HALF of it gets abused. We still need people to have that free steem experience , untill maybe MAYBE steem gets more expensive and THEn we can justify the whole Paying $1 to $10 per account and hah, at $8 steem youll be paying $25 at least for a 3 steem account creation fee. Its why I have over 2000 INV to create accounts with, I dont intend to sell em, i want them for real users, and I dont want tHEm to have to buy those accounts

But hey a CAR gets you places so does a steem accont iots a vehiucle and yeah the blockchaincomes loaded with its own accounts system that costs its own tokens, gee whiz you dont say.... a blockchain that makes you pay its own token to use its own resources? wow, you dont say.... lol ok ok

anyway the point is we need to solve accounts and we have a lot of them to test out INV so find me some influencers

we need a nice system to find a list of top crypto influencers who come to us

We need free cheap existing tools we need to just FIND crypto influencer son twitter and start offering pACKAGES where they get a free steem account and some delegation maybe a lil SP and they get some SE tokens too eos and telos ones, good ones, and then we give them a few tasks some favor requests, to make posts, every week or everyday hopefully, and we wnat them to make posst from steem and then repost the csreenshots on twitter, we need a @share2srteem system which lets us post from twitter to steem AND from steem to twitter.... i knowwe probably hjave a tool like that so lets please get it out of the dusty steem dev garages and ask WHo has a tool that will let me post from steem, and using a twitter hashtag or something post my steem post to twitter, in a nice graphic that shows the post text, and a possible steem bounty i can pay for with sending thats teem and the post link in memo to some sort of steem account like @twitterbot and yeah cant we have something like that @cadawg ? :D

yep.. true that buddy! we need more influencers on Steem and that is not a big deal cause we have them and we will sure have good packages for them. The Share2steem function was bae since it let you post tweet a post and it appears on steem automatically. we can do some work to bring back that function.

Great experience

Amazing idea of the posting

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Great experience



great job buddy!

Amazing idea of the posting

Good news

How can I get it

How can you get what? If you mean the Challenge App then you can download it here:)
For Android Users:
For IOS Users :

I am downloading it but account can't created why

follow the steps accordingly!


Great for the community to stay connected keep it up :)

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Remain blessed and have a good one!

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thanks so much @janpaki

^^^^^ This Gentleman is a visionary, have followed along long enough and seen the amount of work and effort put in. This is the potential realized imho . :)


Wow! I must say i'm honoured. Stay blessed and have a good one! @scarletreign

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