@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #26: guess the price of Steem and win 5 Steem

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Welcome to the 26th round of my Monday tipping contest where you can guess the price of Steem in seven days and win 5 Steem from me.


If you want to join this round of the contest, submit your guess on what the price of Steem will be next Monday (March 2) at exactly 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET).

  • Please round your guess to 3 decimal digits (for example: $0.567).

  • You can submit your guesses until Friday (February 29), 11:00 A.M. CET.

  • Only one guess per person, no editing.

The ending Steem price for the contest will be taken from coinmarketcap.com and proved with a screenshot taken from their website next Monday at 11:00 A.M. CET.

The winner (fastest correct or closest tip) will win 5 Steem from me.

I am looking forward to checking your entries :) Good luck!

Check out the ranking of the most successful participants!

Rank Name Number of wins
2. - 6.@eii2
2. - 6.@borran 2
2. - 6.@shashiprabha 2
2. - 6.@krakonos 2
2. - 6.@jjprac 2
7. - 15.@liltammy 1
7. - 15.@dronegraphica 1
7. - 15.@mastersa 1
7. - 15.@tulio77 1
7. - 15.@lavanyalakshman 1
7. - 15.@minhaz007 1
7. - 15.@oresteg1
7. - 15.@maxili631
7. - 15.@rokhani1

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$0.259 jou jou!!


There you go :) Love your optimism. Good luck with this tip! :)


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0.223$ :D



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$ 0,250



Way too late after the deadline buddy...