You're next on the social media chopping block


And again, blood is flowing.

On the one hand there is the thick fat pipeline, the mainstream. On the other hand there are smaller branches of an alternative canal system, which is formed along or against this mainstream. Sometimes smaller canals disappear completely from this underground landscape and sometimes a medium sized stream is bundled, which was previously formed by many smaller alternative canals. In any case, it would be advisable to think about when and in which moments you are part of the mainstream or when you are the sidestream in the alternative canal system. Of course, we enjoy the increased attention when we can outshine all the other fish in the mainstream in moments of success. But that we should have thought about who and how somebody has aligned the stream and canal system isn't this the prerequisite before we even start swimming? What risks are involved if a central entity turns off the power? How deep we still think in a scheme of action & reaction has been made clear once again by the recent case of A Science Enthusiast

As @vikisecrets has also pointed out in several posts, it seems to be common practice that hard-working people in the field of research and science communication, who manage to gather a large number of followers around themselves, who have built up an outreach over time with a lot of sweat, passion and lifeblood, who managed to make a living out of it, simply got the tap turned off. And we are not even talking here about investigative research or journalism!

On A Science Enthusiast patreon page one then reads about such unfortunate things like

This isn't "everything", it's just most things. Easily 80% of my income taken away without warning or explanation.


I cannot believe that the fate of 6 years of work I've put into building a following of over a million people comes down to an automated system that gives zero real feedback on what triggered the takedown.


I have A Science Enthusiast II, however they will delete that within a week after they delete the main page, since they've done the exact same thing before. So I guess follow Skeptical Kitten, since that will become the new aSE-type deal.

Many of us are now wondering when Skeptical Kitten will meet the dog lovers of this world and maybe A Science Enthusiast's guess could simply be the wrong guess and Patreon will also eventually decide to limit his range and de-monetise heavily for having painted his fingernails in the wrong color.

The reactions in the alternative canals of the mainstream platforms turned out to be quite consternated. Many of those who believe that one can make money with the truth, with a different perspective and that a certain kind of skepticism in our society is appreciated, should be asked and interviewed again when their own head ends up on the centralized social media chopping block. From this type of perspective one will most likely speak quite differently.

At sciencevienna we are always on the lookout for people who know how to do more than just blindly follow the uniform mainstream. Such people, who are able to change the world with their different positions and views, with their courage to think outside the box, with their talents to enrich an ecosystem. Those fighting contributors have a very high status and are read with pleasure by @sciencevienna. If you believe that you are one of those interesting personalities who have reached this high status, then you should definitely think about how dangerous it is what you are doing. Dangerous for those in power and risky for yourself. Hive could be a first solution, even if there might be objections regarding the targeting of a specific audience. Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves what alternatives are left for the unpleasant issues, the difficult or sometimes controversial topics which deserve better.

Source of the title picture: Julian Frener, showcased by polyspheric