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Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated

We all by now know about companies like Facebook, YouTube and Google that have been censoring people who they politically do not agree with, and quiet a few of you are here exactly because of that. The gatekeepers of communication has now taken things up a notch, and they are now removing any and all information, which "they decide" could be misinformation and therefore harmful to you. This is when they use selective anecdotal evidence of an idiot who drank fish tank cleaner, because one chemical ingredient sounded similar to that which Orange man said might be helping fight the Wuhan Virus. If any of this sounds like the plot of a science fiction film set in some dystopian world where an authoritarian government is in charge, well you would be correct. Only problem is, it's not fantasy this is really happening right now in the real world.

What these tech companies are saying, they will remove any information that goes against the recommendation of the World Health Organisation. Remember that is is the exact same WHO that made dictator Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador and kept quiet about China when the virus started, and let's not forget telling the world it can't be spread from human to human. What these tech companies are removing is, findings of medical doctors that question government's stay at home policy, based on a 0.02 death rate is some states. There are also people questioning the actual numbers of people dying directly due to COVID-19, as the CDC has instructed physicians to classify illnesses and death as related Corona virus. Prof. Johan Gieseck, a infectious disease clinician who was the head of Infectious Hazards at WHO, said the numbers are very over inflated.

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"The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity - much less dissent." - Gore Vidal

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The truth is that no one can say with 100% certainty what exactly the correct course of action would be in dealing with our current state of things amidst a global pandemic, and the only way to get there is with open dialog and more informed debate. But that's not what YouTube and Facebook want, they have assigned themselves as the arbiters of truth. Every dissident or anyone who disagrees or provides information contrary to their beliefs must and will be removed. You don't get anymore authoritarian than that, and the saddest part of all this is that masses of people nod and agree like bovine, never questing these Tech and media companies.

I call absolute bull shit, because it's not about truth, not when these companies are openly bias against those who have an opposing political opinion. These standards only apply to those they disagree with, and this can easily be proven, take any political hot bottom topic, like a politician being accused of sexual misconduct, remember Kavanaugh? Did Joe Biden get the same media coverage when he was accused, or was there a call for an FBI investigation from the media?

What about misinformation? Is YouTube and Facebook removing posts from mainstream media when they called Trump a racist when he imposed a travel restriction with China? Remember Russia, and how for 3 whole fucking years straight the media pushed a conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian asset? How about the right now when the media has been pushing misinformation about Trump suggesting people inject disinfectant? Bet you none of that absolute horse shit will ever get removed. I am in no way saying the other side is always right, there is bull shit on both side of any argument. The problem is that only one side wants to silence the other, and only those who can't defend their ideas do that, authoritarians, and dictators.

"As long as it is supported by Democratic politicians and by liberal Hollywood players, censorship is a useful tool to stifle dissent." - Andrew Breitbart

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The censorship of those opposing the global lockdown isn't because of scientific accuracy, although the censors lie and say it is. The reality is that propaganda is being used to strip freedom from the peoples of the world, and what is being censored is any information that counters that propaganda.

That is the real purpose, and science or facts are irrelevant to censors - as it's absolutely provable that censorship utterly breaks the scientific method, that depends on empirical evidence, which can only be established by ascertaining facts. Censorship completely opposes ascertaining facts by preventing presentation of facts into discussion.

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