A Gate on the Lake

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a gate on the lake snapshot by fraenk title image


A Gate on the Lake

I came across this metal framed gate next to a lake and I took, if I dare say so myself, a pretty epic snapshot.


a gate on the lake snapshot by fraenk full image


I'm not usually a big fan of black and white, I mean, I am actually a fan but I struggle with using it for my own pictures. This one however was begging for some extra drama!


a gate on the lake snapshot by fraenk black and white bw


These images were shot and edited on a smartphone and I am quite amazed about the results I can get with that. Sure, this is far from what a DSLR and some proper photoshopping can do, but it also took only a fraction of the time and effort.

It's a mid-range android phone, a Moto G7, nothing fancy whatsoever, all the magic actually happens with some AI trickery inside the Google GCam mod and the Snapseed image editing app, also made by Google.

You probably want to see what the unedited picture looks like next to what half an hour of dabbling around makes from it? Here you go:


a gate on the lake snapshot by fraenk comparison with unedited image


A bit of perspective tilt, some HDR stretching and a few clone-stamps later, just add a slight vignette and we're done.

Should I get an instagram account?



my name is @fraenk
fraenk avatar

Thank you for viewing my @snaepshots!

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I lake it. You are a gate artist. I have never used instagram. So I don't know if you should get one. Are there a lot of puns over there? I guess not, otherwise they would have called it instapun

If there was an instapun then it would probably be more like twitter? but with an owl as the mascot, I must assume!

I don't know... I associate over-edited photography with instagram... but maybe that's just a bad stereotype?

Pretty cool result both versions, I normally stick on those untouched but it’s clear that some editing makes miracles, should I try it .
I won’t tell you my opinion on Instashit maybe there’s some child around...

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