Happy Birthday To Me

in celebration •  last month  (edited)

Hello family,

It was my second celebration yesterday night and it was wonderful!

WhatsApp Image 20200530 at 21.52.11.jpeg


So cool, we ate smoked porc grilled and boiled pistachio sauce accompagned with ignam.

WhatsApp Image 20200530 at 21.45.37.jpeg

Yum, yum :)

WhatsApp Image 20200530 at 21.52.13.jpeg

And YESSS as you saw, I have finaly have my hair done by Marie-Claire, I'm more in hapiness.

Happy Birthday to me again sooo cool ;)

WhatsApp Image 20200530 at 21.45.37 1.jpeg
That's a memorable picture I've took with another old friend of mine who join us later...


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