My Hiver cover and profile photos creating with logo maker

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Hello! Hive bloggers...
Nice to meet you here in Hive Decentralised Blockchain.

Have a good day!

Today what I want to sharing is
about creating my Hive cover logo
and profile. To create the logo I use
Logo maker app the link is below.

Download Logo maker app for Mobile phone click here

Firstly I got Hive logo in Hive blog . Then I make my cover and profile photos for my Hive blog account.
A lot of function to make logo
such as Bussiness Sport Gaming
Music Travel Food ect...

Photo source




How do you think? My idea is good
or not? But I spent 1 hour to get my logo photo. It is not easy.
Please give me a suggestion.
I am appreciate all of your coment.



I like your logo! That is really a nice one. It shows nice colors & I love the bee! he he :) 🐝

There are some really good programs to use out there. I like Canva a lot. I use it for logos, my videos, my thumbnails, etc. It's pretty versatile! :)

Thanks for sharing with us! :)

I am happy to hear that you like my logo.
Really thank you... 💚
I do not know Canva yet. I will try it.

Yeah I think you will like Canva - it gives you a lot to work with. There's a free version and a paid version. Even with the free one, you get a lot to use. Canva

Logo လေးက အရမ်းမိုက်တယ်ဗျာ။ စမ်းကြည့်မယ်။

တကယ်မိုက်တယ်ဗျာ စမ်းကြည့်ပါ။

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Thank you.
I will go on Hive blog .