The C is in the air.

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The letter "C" is popular on Steem.

C stands for community, commenting, curating, the community CCC, it's circle, the tribe Creativecoin, CAT and... the Commentcoin.

High expectations I have from all I mentioned but it is @commentcoin that triggers me most to read, comment and curate again and even more as before the latest HFs. It is no surprise to those who follow me I was on my way leaving here.
I do not care about earning as a curator. To be honest I doubt most of us earn better as with writing. As I see it it was just the next step to shortcut the writers and scare them away.

Many Steemians left.

Not only because Steem is nearly worthless by now. If you state that you are blind for what is going on here or live to ignore the facts.

You need courage to stay.
To survive, to step out of the shadows and into a new circle, while you make content no one cares about knowing you loose your ownership as soon as you post it here first.

You need contacts.
To be noticed, to get into the spotlights, to get a comment and maybe an upvote too unless you have a fat wallet (money is attractive, the empty wallet isn't).

You need creativity.
To find a way to survive, to step into that new circle, find your way, try out something new that benefits you to have a good time here.

The community CCC (#ccc) did this all for me.
A small community that cares about its members, is willing to communicate and reach out to you. Carried on the shoulders of less as a handful of people.

The Commentcoin (#cc) is doing the same.
It is a great help to be noticed therefore the best token of all. It adds something good to this platform, makes people engage again, From those who use the tag you may expect they are willing to reply. In a short time, you find a new group of Steemians, better content and every Steemian can join. No matter its reputation.

To me this week the letters CCC stand for:
Courage, Creativity and Contacts.
A big applause for all those creative souls who dare to reach out and make this platform a better place.

This is my entry to @team-ccc it's contest "What do the letters CCC mean to me 2.21. The contest is open to anyone. You can write in your own language. See here for the rules

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

Commentcoin_ (#cc) is born! 🥳

Have a look at "commentcoin for the latest update.
This special token is there to stimulate the lazy Steemians. To motivate commenting and to reward those who do.
If you own 10 commentcoin you can use the tag #cc once. It is a good way to attract readers and curators and reward them back. They earn 1 cc (comment coin) if they leave you a good comment.

Join! Respond, winn, buy and make this platform more social. 💕

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This article is very nice. Not just for promoting the Projects. You get the Point, Steem needs activity with itself. The new Users should get the reward for their work. If the Join Steem, the get CC for their comments. It looks like more, than the own articles payout @ the beginning. I am happy about your support of the soulfull good Projects in the Steem!



Thank you for your comment. We are here to have a good time in the first place. Being creative, sharing, contact that is what it is about. If that works the rest will work out too. A little reward, comment, compliment, commentcoin makes this a so much better place. I think if I did not discovered it I only rarely showed up here.
Happy day. 💕

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Very nice words. :-)

@alucian and deserved..❤️

You provide 270.0 CC for your comments.

I "c" what you mean! :P

I am now waiting for either the "c" or "cccc" token to launch!

You can take the "c" for the music...lets think what to do with cccc 🤔

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Why do you have so much hope for CC? I see its potential tough, and hope this will bring more action to the blogs. Also not to forget to mention that it is good for bloggers who write their post to rank in Google

@business10x well, you answered the question yourself. A dead dull Steemit will come alive and hopefully benefitscall. Happy day. ❤️

This is a nice article. I like it because you make a valid point that I struggle with daily - will anyone be interested in what I have to say? I'm hesitant sometimes to post mainly because of this. But the Contacts you mention has helped me to overcome this. I joined several Tribes, such as @steemterminal and @ctptalk and am now beginning to find a foundation for my writing. I hope to join more soon. The support and encouragement I've received has helped me to overcome my trepidation.

I strongly believe there is always someone interested in what you write. Now, tomorrow, next week or in one year. The biggest problem is to be noticed. This is a good way.

Perhaps you like to join with freewriting too? See @mariannewest. You can practise your skills and will be encouraged for sure.

For the rest I can only say: have faith in yourself and write what you like most of all. I wish you a great day. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 💕

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You're welcome. I'm with Freewrite already. Just forgot to mention the wonderful work @mariannewest does. She has accepted and encouraged me in my writing. I've participated in a We-Write. I do see a difference in the number of people now who stop by to read my posts and engage in comments. Thanks for your encouragement. Have a blessed day.

Great you see a difference. For now I will use it for my contest and freewrite. I would love to see that promoted more and writing, stories. It is the underdog here and that has to change.

You are welcome. 💕

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Shameful of me to forget the Mamas over at Steemitmamas! Awesome group.

Well you mentioned them now. 😄👍

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@der-prophet denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

@investinthefutur sehr lieb. Ich danke herzlich dafür. ❤️

Thank you for mentioning us using our tag and the invitation. We wish you a great day and gave you an upvote. 👍

We enjoyed reading your entry. Thank you.for participating in our contest. You have entry #1 and you received an upvote from @team-ccc. 👍🏻

Es cierto, @wakeupkitty, nos quedamos los que seguimos entusiasmados con esta plataforma. En #CCC estamos creciendo. Algún día seremos un gran grupo y, me refiero en cantidad, por que en calidad lo somos. Un abrazo.

@gertu ¡Puedes contar con ello! Abrazos 💕