Walter and Luci sharing space

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Luci the dog is usually sleeping when Walter comes over to check her out. Eventually laying down with the dog, though this is usually not enough. Water has a tendency to try to play with the dog when she sleeps.

These photos are my content for #caturday


Camera ModelCanon EOS Rebel T1i
LensEF-S 18-55mm
FilterUV filter to protect lens
Shutter Speed1/40 sec
Film Speed800
SpectrumVisual Light
Wavelength380 through 700 nanometers
LocationGeorgia USA.


He will lay down next to the dog, but she knows whats coming next. And tends to move away from him.


She usually just moves over a little bit so Walter cannot paw at her face.

Walter uses a tactic of rolling over, to get closer to her after the dog moved away.


The sun comes out by the window and Walter looses interest in the dog and moves over to the sunny spot by the window.


The dog once again has her space back for just her. Until the sun leaves the window and then she will be a target again by Walter.

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@shuvo35 Haha thank you

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Too cute 👌🤗

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@clitadias hehe they sure are

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Thought Luci was a big cat at first look... I have cats on my mind...:-)

@manorvillemike Haha well she thinks shes a cat so you weren't too far off.

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These are all nice shots of Walter and Luci. It's nice seeing them get along.

Happy Caturday!

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@saboin yeah they did make for some good photography. Thanks much

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