The cat who enjoys walking in the mountains with us :)

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We've only had this cat a few months and already she is comfortable to come on a two hour walk into the mountains with us, just trailing behind doing her own thing.

I have been training her up for the last month on the short walk between our home and our garden, along this canal.


A lovely walk with a view of the valley.


She has been showing me how well she can climb trees. Very cute.


Alert to every sound.


Today we ventured further up the mountain for a morning walk with Esteban & Luna, off the beaten track at times.

Look closer and you will see the cat following Luna out of the forest, careful not to lose sight of us.


Up and up we went, past the area where everything is covered in moss, which Esteban loves.


Mostly she followed behind us and ran to catch up when we started moving too far away from her.


All in all it was a glorious experience going for a walk with our cat. The kids and I loved it very much and I feel like this is the first of many.

At the end of the day I snapped her having a private moment with Spiderman, resting those tired muscles ;)


In case you missed it here is a film I edited a few days ago, showing where our amazing new family member came from. Seeing this will help you understand why she is so comfortable on the side of a mountain.


cute :D

They are ;)


Thanks cuddlekitten. Though you might like this one ;)

Very beautiful place! Amazing video too! This cat is very special. How about the orange cat?! You brought back only one cat!

So glad to discover your video here.