It's caturday every day around here 😸

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Luna gifting a half conscious cat some of her toys this morning :)

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lol, the cat seems not impressed :) haha

She is getting more tolerant with Luna but generally speaking she is not impressed with her! Luna still wants to treat her like a baby ;)

Haha yeah I remember that from when we had a cat and our daughter was very little, now she'd be a champ I'm sure but we have to wait until we move as it's again not allowed here :( Hopefully the cat and Lunda will be great friends soon!

That cat looks like he’s drunk!! Someone should get him some black coffee! LoL

She is very often this way for hours! Usually after a night out on the town ;)


Yay @cuddlekitten! Happy to see you here :)


Haha - the cat seems to be so bored.

Bored of 3 year old games, yes. Very likely ;)

But truth be told - the cat probably loves her to bits.