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RE: Little Fluffballs of Cuteness

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I Loove this story so much and I have to say your shots of the kittens are amazing 😍 such a cute mama and I love how they warmed up to you a little.
That kitten almost standing on its head cracked me up 😁
Cuteness overload ❤️ such a joy to se.
Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🐈🌹❤️

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Yes. They are very cute indeed.

Thanks for everything: the nice comment, the upvote, and the coffea tokens.

I'm going to need some coffea today, because I had lots of !BEER last night. Hehe!

Happy Caturday and have a great weekend! :-)

They sure are 😊 I'm weak for cats and always has been.. Lol

Your welcome my friend 😉 I'm glad I saw your profile and your amazing pictures.

I hear you on the coffea, I'm totally addicted to it 😂 hahaha
And I can understand after a bit much beer you need your boost of coffea ☕ ☕☕☕ got lots for ya 🤗

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@beerlover must be tired. He usually delivers the tokens right away when you type !BEER in a comment.

Yesterday the bot got stuck when someone gave me a beer in a comment - it kept dropping beers in my account until that person ran out of the number they could give in a day, and then it kept giving "you're out of beer" error messages, for HOURS. I haven't heard back from @beerlover about what happened, but I think their bot blew a fuse, lol.

I guess that can happen 😉 I never used The beer myself but I got comments with
Just didn't think of it to be the token.. Lol
Guess it was out of beer... Lol

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Yeah, I figured something must've happened. I've seen a few !BEER comments go unanswered in the last few hours.

i've heard they switched to a new server or smth like that.... will need some time for the beer warehouse to open again :P

Well mabye he thought you had to much beer yesterday 😂 hahaha... Jk
No worries my dear... It happens and it's always the sweet thought that counts in my book 🤗 thank you... Your Awsome!

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Have a !COFFEEA instead! :)

Well Thank you 😁👍☕ 😋 yummy.. Lol

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coffeea Lucky you @saffisara here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness