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RE: Caturday Night shift // Caturday turno de noche

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Cats can make quite the noise when they are in heat. That can get very annoying.

It's fun that you were able to bring Taiger to keep you company on your shift. There's lots of stuff to explore there for sure.

Happy Caturday in advance!

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Oh man I have had endless hours of listening to her make some very unpleasant noises at the window and having to lock her out of my bedroom so I can sleep.

The vet has been unable to perform the operation to prevent her from getting pregnant, and now it's been long enough I don't know if I am suffering a moral dilemma when I consider having her fixed.

I'm really not a cat person. I prefer my turtle, but for some reason I always end up with a cat. Lol

I was also torn on doing my SamSams Spay. I waited just over 3 years, she is 10 now. But after a discussion with my Vet on the medical risks of non spay. (uterin cancers and such) The higher death rates of non spay. The death from overpopulation, starvation, kill shelters, etc. with millions of kittens per day in this world. Please consider doing it. The benefits are 10 to one.