Little Fluffballs of Cuteness

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Those of you who have been following me will remember the post I made about the barn cat that hangs out on my front deck.

Well, she had kittens and I've been meaning to catch some shots of the little fluffballs, but it was very hard to do because anytime there was a human around, the kittens would scatter and the mother would start hissing and growling to defend the kittens from the perceived threat.

This morning was very windy, overcast, and cold for this time of year. So the kittens and their mother were all cuddled up in a pile of cute little fluffballs, and I managed to get some pictures through the window of the storm door.

When I first came to the door to take the pictures, they were all cuddled up in a pile.


But then mama noticed that I was there. Uh oh!


She wasn't too happy about that. The kittens scattered and she started to hiss and growl at me.


She eventually calmed down and the kittens returned once they all realized that I was staying behind the storm door and I was no threat to them.

Once they were satisfied that I wasn't a threat they started to walk around on the deck. One even came toward me.

I was then able to take photos of the individual kittens.

In the end, mama was relaxed and stopped being nervous about me being there taking pictures.

That's my story for today.

I realize that some of the shots are not quite in focus, but I still wanted to include them for the flow of the story and for the cuteness factor.

All photos were taken by me with my Nikon D70 and a Nikon Nikkor 70-300mm lens, then enhanced in the Photos app that comes with Mac OS X.

Happy Caturday!

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Once more, happy Caturday!


Too late to upvote/resteem but I love LOVE love this post!
@manorvillemike's ScaryMary has competition:

Make a Meme outta this, please - it'd go viral!

Thanks very much for stopping by. It’s nice when people appreciate a post even when it’s past payout.

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I Loove this story so much and I have to say your shots of the kittens are amazing 😍 such a cute mama and I love how they warmed up to you a little.
That kitten almost standing on its head cracked me up 😁
Cuteness overload ❤️ such a joy to se.
Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🐈🌹❤️

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Yes. They are very cute indeed.

Thanks for everything: the nice comment, the upvote, and the coffea tokens.

I'm going to need some coffea today, because I had lots of !BEER last night. Hehe!

Happy Caturday and have a great weekend! :-)

They sure are 😊 I'm weak for cats and always has been.. Lol

Your welcome my friend 😉 I'm glad I saw your profile and your amazing pictures.

I hear you on the coffea, I'm totally addicted to it 😂 hahaha
And I can understand after a bit much beer you need your boost of coffea ☕ ☕☕☕ got lots for ya 🤗

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@beerlover must be tired. He usually delivers the tokens right away when you type !BEER in a comment.

Yesterday the bot got stuck when someone gave me a beer in a comment - it kept dropping beers in my account until that person ran out of the number they could give in a day, and then it kept giving "you're out of beer" error messages, for HOURS. I haven't heard back from @beerlover about what happened, but I think their bot blew a fuse, lol.

I guess that can happen 😉 I never used The beer myself but I got comments with
Just didn't think of it to be the token.. Lol
Guess it was out of beer... Lol

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Yeah, I figured something must've happened. I've seen a few !BEER comments go unanswered in the last few hours.

i've heard they switched to a new server or smth like that.... will need some time for the beer warehouse to open again :P

Well mabye he thought you had to much beer yesterday 😂 hahaha... Jk
No worries my dear... It happens and it's always the sweet thought that counts in my book 🤗 thank you... Your Awsome!

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Have a !COFFEEA instead! :)

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Definitely a cuteness factor here!

For sure. Thanks for stopping by and talking the time to leave a nice comment. :-)

Great pictures and story... Kittens are getting big...:-)

Yes. They are getting big. They're a few weeks old. I wanted to take pictures of them before, but I wasn't able to do so.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

I love these photos and your story about the kitties. I laughed at the one kitten playing upside down. I'm glad they came to relax around you enough to take photos through the door. :)
Happy Caturday!

Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! :-)
Happy Caturday and have a wonderful weekend!

You enjoy your weekend as well! :)

what i love most, is how mama-kittie is folding her legs. its unbearable grade of cuteness!

Yes. That's true.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!
Happy Caturday and have a great weekend! :-)

How cute!!! Happy #Caturday, one day late!!!

I love how you captured them all in a little ball of fluff! :) I cannot believe she hissed at you like a snake, you surely must have a presence! Each and every shot is so cute and adorable and makes the story flow with kitty love.

I want the last shot of the gray and white one. How sweet! She looks like a great mama!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Hi, @dswigle. Thanks for everything: the nice comment, the upvote, and the tip! :-)
When I got the first shot, I was sure that's all I'd be able to get, knowing how they'd reacted before. I was happy when I saw that the kittens were coming back and got comfortable enough to just roam around and play as if I wasn't there.

Happy belated Caturday! And have a wonderful Sunday, too! :-)

This is the best! Kitten Circus. But I love it how the mother came yelling at you! I didnt expect that to happen :D

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! :-)

Happy Caturday and have a nice weekend!

Great photos! Love all the kittens and Mother cat being so protective.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. :-)

Hello saboin, nice to meet you. waahhh the kitten looks funny. I smiled when I saw the kittens. I also really like cats. yes, the mother cat will be angry when someone approaches her kittens. he loved his children so much. that's why he always keeps his children.

We wish you a pleasant day.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a nice comment. :-)

Happy Caturday! Have a good Sunday, too! :-)

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Thank you for your unfailing support @saboin 🙏

Awwwww, they are adorable! Am so glad you tried to get these shots - the kittens are so cute! Happy Caturday to you... (and these cuties! Mum too!!) 😸

Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to write a nice comment! :-)

Happy Caturday and have an awesome weekend! :-)

Awwww, you're most welcome! :)

Hopefully, they will get used to you and not be so afraid. I love the pile of furbabies and the tumbling kitty. Very cute!

Yes. I hope so, too.

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a nice comment! :-)

My pleasure, I love kittens too.

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