my cat fingerprints

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this little photosession I made in the morning was inspired by the Caturday SBI giveaway contest hold by @djynn -- a nice venture I'd really love to enter more frequent than I do. The tasks are not that hard but extremely creative and funny!

IMG_5002 w.jpg

IMG_5002 s1.jpg
This weekly task was to share a pic of a cat's nose, and answer the question: what is the cat equivalent to human fingerprints? I dont tell you the answer (go google it yourself!) but its obvious... isnt it?


My cat was willing to pose for the contest... and it was such a pleasure, I couldnt resist the temptation and made much more pics than the one I needed. Let me share them with you...

Tho I am totally sure they are of very little intrest to you, as you have your own cats, who doubtlessly have a beautiful unique noses! So why do you need to watch my cat' nose, when you have an opportunity to watch the beautiful examples of your own?




all images taken by Canon 5D + Sigma 150mm, raw conv. applied

thanks for stopping by!

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Oh those eyes.. and the nose and the paws..
Because the more kitty noses the better!

yes, they made of eyes, nose, and paws. I totally agree, and be waiting for your noses. I am pleased with your correct answer, sometimes the more is the better!

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Those green eyes are gorgeous! I also love the shot of the teef.

thank you.


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I had a cat like that, a white one. She was called Dixie and we lost her tragically at 7 years old. We still miss her. Nice photos mate. ✅

thank you. !BEER

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wow that's awesome!

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All very great but this, with a mouth so opened like this It seems like a cartoon 😆 very very nice 😁
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This i said

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thank you! lets drink some dark !BEER
this one was a random lucky click
by-product, as they name it :)

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What pretty shots @qwerrie!
Love looking at your cat cute
Enjoy your Caturday Saturday!
Love’n hugs over there ❤️
!CATtip 50

thank you, my friend! may I have such a luck to watch your noses, as well?

Hey @drakernoise, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

I’ll try maybe ... but my cats are difficult as they are semi wild.
Thx for the beer! 😁

What a great photos of your kitty and wow! you did such a great job taking the close up of his nose. It’s so and only nose in the world :)
Thanks for the mention as well!!!

she. she is an old lady, not "he". and her soft delicate pinky nose is ... er... well, its a good nose, we all love it. i am glad you enjoyed it too :P

Oops, I apologize my mistake...she doesn’t looks like an old lady thought...she is very pretty.

I love everything about your post: the cat photos, cute noses, yawns, the teeth and the information! @qwerrie 🐾🐱

Nice macro shot 👌🏻

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Hi @qwerrie,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

классно получилось))
Хочу ещё увидеть отдельно в макро глаз, хоть левый, хоть правый)) Рисунок и цвет глаза очень хороши)


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