#CATURDAY Play break [Video]

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This has been a rough two weeks for Taiger. Last week she decided to instigate a fight between her boyfriends outside my bedroom window 25 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. She ran through my dinner while sprinting from window to window to draw in more BOYZ. She also pondered the possibility of a rabbit-cat relationship but ended up trying to kill the rabbit. This week she attempted to proposition herself in the mirror and now she's just devolved into a loud unhappy roommate who doesn't pay any rent and tries to watch me shower.


She has her moments, though, and realized her place in the world of womanhood when my crabby little princesses came to visit.

She seemed to forget it all for a moment this morning and tried to abduct my daughter's iPhone.


As you see here she almost forgot about her rabbit ex-boyfriend when the ten year old brushed her. Almost.


Here she is with a 10 year old in obvious despair over the future of Tik Tok in the US. She seems to have forgotten about BOYZ completely, though what the human female is viewing, one can only guess.


She forgets all about BOYZ at dinner time.


Just kidding.

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Very good

LMAO 🤣 is that canned tuna? been trying to feed stray cats but they don't seem to like gooey stuff

Lol no it’s some sort of canned cat food that costs less than tuna.

That is a cute video!

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