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RE: Little Fluffballs of Cuteness

in #caturdaylast year

How cute!!! Happy #Caturday, one day late!!!

I love how you captured them all in a little ball of fluff! :) I cannot believe she hissed at you like a snake, you surely must have a presence! Each and every shot is so cute and adorable and makes the story flow with kitty love.

I want the last shot of the gray and white one. How sweet! She looks like a great mama!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Hi, @dswigle. Thanks for everything: the nice comment, the upvote, and the tip! :-)
When I got the first shot, I was sure that's all I'd be able to get, knowing how they'd reacted before. I was happy when I saw that the kittens were coming back and got comfortable enough to just roam around and play as if I wasn't there.

Happy belated Caturday! And have a wonderful Sunday, too! :-)