Caturday - Are Cats Arrogant

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Is there any better way to bring in the day? Happy #Caturday! If you are wondering what Caturday is, it is our best excuse to celebrate our love for cats, every single Saturday.

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Cats are arrogant

They definitely have a bad attitude, but even worse, they think they're better than you. They prance around like they own the place, peeing everywhere and expecting you to clean it up for them. They know you will wait on them hand and foot and provide them with a constant supply of food

Oh, Google! Say it isn't so!!! Cats are not arrogant. They just want to make sure all of their little subjects pay attention to their very important needs. As an aside, I will have whatever she is having for breakfast. Oh, such a chill cat!!

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How to post for #Caturday

Find your cat
Make it strike a pose - or whatever 
Click it
Post it
Make sure you hashtag 
You are done!!!

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All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.





The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

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Meow 😻


Your cat looks so CHILL not so arrogant in the least. I love cats, but my eyes do not when they start itching and watering. So I just make sure I wash my hands really good after a nice petting.. lol. Enjoy your Saturday.. 80's next week!! Hope your well 😁

Many people who are not cat lovers think they are a little arrogant. :)) Ask any dog. My sister is allergic to cats or rather the dander from them and I feel bad for her because how can you not want to pet their silken fur?

I hear that next week is summer. You know we will all be enjoying the warmth again. Life is good, just need to put this COVID thing to bed and then we can hopefully rebuild our country. What a mess, yes?

Thinking of you. Hope all is well in your world.

I am also allergic to the dander. Sometimes the suffering is worth it if the cat is enjoying it and not attacking my hand with bites.. lol.

Yes! COVID needs to go bye bye. We have been fortunate and have faired very well through the mess. My support and thoughts are with those less fortunate.

I need the warmth like a mad man! soooooo looking forward to it. All is well in my world. Nothing new really. I miss the old powerhouse creatives family, but I find you all from time to time. smile smile. Molly is doing pretty well now that some time has passed since Pepper's death.

The Orchids are doing well.. lots of blooms! House is looking warm with color and every time another blooms I am re-surprised at the color. I am old.. I forget. lol - I actually started a new community just for Orchid Lovers! Can you believe that?! Me starting a community.. hahaha. It's fun and I got to meet several others with the same passion. fun fun fun.. what more could I ask for? Health and hippieness. life is good.

The Orchid Lovers Community

A place for people who Love Orchids!

That is awesome, Brad! I love orchids although I have stopped keeping them. I am not home enough to give them that love and care, but, suddenly COVID happened and I got another.

I was going to ask about Molly. I am so glad she has adjusted. Pepper was a real blow to all involved. The Powerhouse, of course, has changed to the Lifestyle Lounge but, it is not quite the same. Many have taken a step back and are more involved in real life as the pandemic is hopefully going to be under better control, giving life to some. If it continues to keep growing despite efforts, I am going to get an RV and do the National Parks again. You know, when time allows. :)) I am off to check off your community. Thanks for letting me know!

I like cat doctors. I shop for arrogance when I need a surgery or something. I want the doc who's "yeah, no sweat, I do this all the time. See you tomorrow, I'm busy."

Give me the newbie who has all his skill honed on cadavers and he is anxious to cut. Doncha know, all surgeons are. :))

Arrogance is so underrated, yes?

Yes! So underrated. Pura remind me occasionally I'm not blending arrogant and confident as smoothly as I could but I've been practicing for 45 years, it's been awhile since she reminded me.

I don't know how long you've kept an eye on me but I'm a mess, right? I've had more surgeries than the US has states. That's a HUGE exaggeration actually, number of fingers is more accurate. I have no idea where I was going with this. BRB..

Oh yeah!!! The second surgery on my left knee was performed by a hot shot in Oregon, named Brubaker. I would've been about 35 I guess and he was 31. A very young hot shot and I really appreciated his arroconfigancedent.

I obviously have not had my eye on you quite long enough. Staples and metal for you? A bionic man of sorts, yes? Or meatball surgery? Either way, it sounds like you have occupied an OR table long enough to pay use tax on it.

Lately, it has occurred to me that most of the up and coming surgeons/hotshot/arrogant doctors are younger than me, something that never gave me pause before... now, it just makes me look at them and think, I am sure I have articles of clothing that are almost as old as you. My daughter just chirped in and said, maybe older...

What is that noise?

That is the sound of me opening the safe to get my will and take her out of it.

Funnest conversation all day

Is your daughter on Hive or way too cool? She's probably all like oh my God like, not even okaayy! As if.

Started riding dirt bikes at three. 2004 is the last time I rode one. Started when a car ran a stop sign and the hood severed my foot. Kinda been one thing after another since that. Had I stopped riding then I probably wouldn't have broken all the other parts.

How many kids you got? And how long you been in DC?? What a trippy place! Just flying into DC is an experience, I was the only person (women / men) not wearing a suit.

Started when a car ran a stop sign and the hood severed my foot

Off? Holy Hell and Sweet Jesus! My brother used to take off digits with power tools. One day he cut off two finders with the power saw. I put them in a baggie with ice and brought him to the ER... I feel like he owes me, even if the arrogant/pompous/overconfident surgeon stitched them on crooked.

Three kids and I have been here in DC for a few years but, I have to admit, I loved when it was picked as one of the choices. I love all the Smithsonians and some of the best Festivals EVER!

I've only spent two days DC. They went by quick. By I cruised by the Pentagon that trip, saw the CIA headquarters and stuff. Lincoln Memorial, SO busy! Everyone wears a suit and everyone has a phone up to their head. I wasn't wearing a suit. 🥶

I just recently as in a month ago opened up about my bad wheel. I explained the whole how it shouldn't have happened yata yata thing right here if you're interested. I can't run (but i got a mean skip!) otherwise you'd never know it I didn't tell Ya. Ok maybe you would probably.

Now, of course, I am going to go read it. After picking up several more of my brothers' parts, it will seem familiar, I am sure.

Why wouldn't they be arrogant ???

I mean, if you act like the Queen and everybody around you bends down and picks up your poop wherever you leave it, why would you stop??

Methinks they are given too much credit for real. I think they are simple, simply doing whatever is their inborn nature to do. They are not really thinking anything about you, except that they are not too dumb to learn which humans are good for a nice rubbing and scratching and which they should crawl under the couch to avoid (usually the loud, little ones)..... and of course, after a few swats off the kitchen counters, they learn to stop licking the butter and jump down when they hear the front door open (or back).. .ha ha

They are just so darned cute and irresistible though !

I learned early that you actually can sort of train them. either that or they really are playing 'possum. I squirt mine from a spray bottle the second they even thought about the countertops. I am pretty sure they still tried it when I wasn't looking, although, I am sure they were careful to erase all traces.

Or maybe they really did learn.

Nahhh. They are cats.

I did almost lose it one year when the beloved Dalamation stole the 20-pound turkey off the counter, on Thanksgiving Day. I kid you not. If there was a dog pound open that day, I might have sent her. She wasn't allowed in the kitchen and I should have known better. She almost beat down the doors at the smell of turkey. I have never seen anything like it.

Anyway, I am not sure I have ever been so mad. Eight guests and a dog eaten turkey. One of my worse nightmares. LOL

Good morning from here! Already mowed the lawn! It is going to be gorgeous outside today!

What.... you mean you can do real stuff before noon on the weekends??? I'm not sure about that. LOL

The "butter licking" came from a time when I was growing up when I had a cat (several, but not at the same time)....and normally they were outdoor cats, but it was ok to bring them in while you were playing with them or holding them or whatever, but of course, there were times when some one wasn't paying attention to them anymore and they were left to their own devices, where they did what came natural to them. My Dad had BIG issue with any of them ever being on a dining table or kitchen cabinet, so once they encountered his wrath for doing so, you never saw them again, however, not seeing them, didn't mean they had not been there, evidenced by cat-licked butter.

That is a wild turkey story ! I can only imagine.

My Mom had a dog and nearly lives in the country. She can see her next door neighbor's giant house from her yard, but there is a good distance between them. She had a lab one time that went up to visit the neighbors one day and came racing back home a little later with a whole package of cheese slices in her mouth....ha ha.... seems the neighbors were about to have a cookout and Mom's dog absconded with their cheese ! Mom was horrified, but fortunately, the neighbors thought it was funny.

Good Morning, the most I can say is that while my coffee was perking I finished loading the dishwasher, so something besides me playing on computer is happening here. I pretend that counts. LOL !

Oh, yes!! Some days that does count. Other days, I see right through that. :))

I totally get your dad. It grosses me out thinking that a cat is walking all over my counters. I really never see them, which is fine with me, if they are sleuth enough to do it without a trace. Ditto with the furniture. Cathair on my furniture? No way! :)) It has nothing to do with getting older. I have always been this way. My mother's influence, probably.

I do have cat trees, toys and they were in and out cats... so that should be good, :))

That story about the cheese is a riot!!! I mean, hindsight, the turkey was funny, but, at the time, I had guests!

As I got older, I became more and more allergic to cats, so I can't have them inside, ever and I take allergy meds before visiting some of my "inside cat" loving family. I must still smell like catnip to them though, because all their cats love me and un-encouraged, still rub all over me, jump in my lap or up on my chair around my head to give kisses. Oh the irony. One of my sisters has a cat that is shy and usually has nothing to do with anyone not in their immediate family, but if I am there for more than 30 minutes..... out she comes from wherever she is hiding to mark me and claim me as hers ! Crazy ! I love them and would have one (outside) if I wasn't so allergic.

As an adult too, I have over thunk it as is my nature and honestly, I wouldn't want any animal that cleans itself with it's tongue and scratches around in a litter box to be on anything I have to touch or eat off of. uck

Haha! Exactly!! That is just how I feel and always have.

I think that anyone who is allergic to cats must give off some special scent that they feel the need to add their own scent to. Sort of like an anti-cat scent! My sister has gotten more allergic now as opposed to 20 years ago. I wrote 200 !! LOL Don't tell her! Anyway, cats lock on to her like she is a cat treat or catnip! Yes!!!!!

I hope you didn't eat that butter when you were a kid. Ewwww! ❤️

How beautiful pictures of Cats😻

Hi, Denise! @denissemata Thank you so much! Happy #Caturday! I hope it is a sunny beautiful day there in Venezuela!

I hope you have a wonderful day friend. All good here☺️

Wonderful! Have a great day!

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Thank you so much!

You're welcome @dswigle, that's well deserved 😊🌹


Such a kind of is always adorable, they very often look usually to idle but playing with them much more enjoyable, it alwalys ask attention to basic needs.

hello dear friend @dswigle good afternoon
"I may be as crazy as a hat", but I love your writing, you are just great. I admire how the words flow there.
Everything you have named about cats seemed to me that you mentioned our pet Raul.
I love the takes that you've done.
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
have a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That you enjoy it a lot

Cats' personalities are so unique, aren't they?

Cats are cool, dogs are too. Both in their own way. Great shots always. I need to get me a post together!

Horses are too. Just saying. Stop loitering on here and get that post together. You won't get paid for just sittin pretty.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 54 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated.