A French Polynesian Kitty - Miaou

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Happy Caturday from this kitty in Huahine, French Polynesia!

She befriended us when we stopped for an ice cream one day. We saw so many stray dogs and cats while on the islands that it was heartbreaking. We heard that on Huahine in particular an effort is being made by the local government to help individuals with the cost of spaying animals to try to prevent the problem of so many strays. The proposal is that the burden of the cost of neutering would be divided into three equal parts - shared with the local government, the individual owner and the local vet. So far though, nothing has been done.
huahine kitty-1.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All RIghts Reserved
huahine kitty-2.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All RIghts Reserved
hauhine kitty and me.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All RIghts Reserved

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What sweet shots of him and with you, he must have been very friendly ;)

He or she was rather friendly. They all were. None seemed scared at all.

I remember that where we used to stay there was two or free who loved visiting all the guests :)

Yes, they just wander in and out of the restaurants which are open to the outside! They say not to feed them, but who can help it when a little breakfast ham and cheese falls on the floor? LOL!

LOL yes what can you do if a little bit of food slips to the floor when they are around

Can't help but feel a little conspicuous when 4 cats and a chicken all dive under the table at once though! LOL!

Yeah that may be a bit obvious lOL

You could tell the people who did it, because we all sat around the outside edges of the restaurant at breakfast time. :-)

It would certainly make a difference. The cat is adorable and seems to love your attention.

She was so sweet and friendly, and yes - loved the attention!

Unquestionably meow!!!

Or rather Miaou! She spoke French. Lol!


You are the Cat’s Meow! Lol!

Oh, if only cats knew how to bark:)
But alas they don't.
I mean, meow!!!