Happy Caturday! Curator Cat Looking at the Snowy World... from the Warm Indoors!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia! It's CATURDAY once again... so time for those cute cat and kitten photos to be featured, front and center!

Happy Caturday!


It has been very wintry around here, with snow and high winds.

Good time for a cat to stay comfortably warm inside!


The Hoomans are keeping the bird feeder filled, so that means lots of good Kitty TV for me!


Whereas there is part of me that would really love to be out there hunting, I would just as well stay inside and keep nice and warm on my Cat Perch by the heater vent!


Hmmm... one has flown up on the roof... I see the snow being pushed off!

Have a marvelous Caturday, everyone!


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Hello there @steemeow and happy Caturday!


Look at Your Black Furr Coat with that Wintery White background....!!!

Any chance Your Hoomans are gonna bring in another Feline Furr Friend 4 U....? So many that need a Good home and a Furr Friend like You.

That's definitely a possibility! For the moment, I have really enjoyed being "only kitty" in the house and getting all the attention and the treats... but the Hoomans have been talking about perhaps getting a pair of kittens from the shelter.

Time will tell!


A lay Kitty will definitely stay warm inside. Well thats what I will do myself :D

On a day like we were having, it was definitely the right thing to just stay inside!


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No hiding in the snow for you @curatorcat :-)