Happy Caturday! Curator Cat goes New Age and Tries "Crystal Healing!"

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Greetings fine Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia! I trust this final Caturday of February is treating you well!

I am not sure about this... THING... (photo by @cosmictriage)

Around here we are enjoying a lovely sunny day, which is a welcome change from the usual winter gloom here in the Pacific Northwest. I love my sunny spots, so I went in search of one of those!

You see, we don't get sunny spots in the summer because we have large trees near the house, and they shade us from the sun, once their leaves grow out.

Anyway, I made my way to one of my favorite sunny napping spots on the south side of the house — in the Mom-Hooman's office space, by the window — and what did I find?

I am just going to ignore it...(photo by @cosmictriage)

There was this "thing" in my spot!

It was quite large and gleaming... one of the Mom Hooman's crystals; I know you Hoomans like to sometimes use these for healing, so I thought I would give that a try during my nap... since we cats are very sensitive to energy and vibes and such things.

I guess I'll just make peace with it...(photo by @cosmictriage)

It was a bit tricky at first to find a good position, but after a while I found a comfortable angle and drifted off... and enjoyed some very deep and restful sleep, and woke up quite refreshed and ready for my kitty treats, some three hours later!

I don't know if this stuff actually "works," but it was certainly pleasant enough to sleep next to it!

Pretty cute, huh? (photo by @cosmictriage)

A Quick "Thank You!

Just wanted to say "thanks" for the support to the many who have given positive feedback to my recent series of posts about "Building Community!"

Will definitely continue to explore this pretty important topic.

Until then, I hope the rest of your Caturday is a great one!



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