Macro Photography Chance Shot with Crypticat

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Today we had the change to update our main image! It's not often when the Cat is still enough to allow for Macro photography. Too bad I only had my Huawei P10 available, gonna try with the DSLR tomorrow morning.


That eye looks like something out of a horror story, the colours are spectacular. Cats are sort of colour blind, they see blue and green but not red and don't have the depth of colour that we have. Cats do excel is in low light conditions requiring about 1/6th the light to see than humans need.


You can see her fur is slightly different around the eyes. She also has shorter face hair which is an advantage as fluff would impair her vision and interfere with her whiskers.


Speaking of whiskers, look how long they are. Cats use them to sense movement, it helps them hung for mice or bite your hands as they can't really see much up close. She does have remarkable hearing and knows it's me as soon as I step off the elevator and start walking towards the apartment-she can tell the difference in my steps from around the corner on the carpet with the front door shut.


This is her usual place on the couch. The photo above was from the morning and the one below is in the evening.


Hope you enjoyed the shots, have a happy Caturday!


The other shots are nice, too, but the first macro shot is awesome!

It really works well as your profile photo, too.

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Thanks, it's a huge improvement of the old one, now gotta update the background. It isn't fall anymore. Waiting for Jamaica to get a good panorama.

Cats are amazing creatures. No wonder they have the status of sacred in Egypt

Loving the new profile pic.

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Beautiful as always @crypticat, also in extreme close-up! Happy Caturday!


Thank you

@saboin, @bambuka, check this nice cat-o-post.
the macro of cat's eye is just splendid!

Thanks for the mention, @qwerrie!

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glad it was of a help.

how's your winter going on in Canada?..

Thanks for the invitation, my friend :-)

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So photogenic :-)

Hi @crypticat,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

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I am hypnotized and just stare at eye shots like that first macro

Those shots of the eyes are def hard to get. When a cat is wide eyed, they are usually moving and I see my SamSams eyes fluttering about, darting to any and all movements.

This photo is still the best one I have ever taken. I can only imagine how in depth it would have been with a good piece of photog equip.

I am still fascinated with what and how they see. And if there is zero light source, they are blind as a bat. But just a fraction of a light source and those amazing eyes kick in and BOOM. They can see. Some people think they can see in "The Dark."