Caturday on Saturday

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Our Anfisa. Before becoming a stray cat, Anfisa was clearly a pet. She turned out to be completely unadapted to life on the street. Luckily she was found by the local shop owner who brought her to us.


The poor cat was so afraid of losing her home again that she categorically refused to go out into the yard. Only this year did she finally get the courage to do it. She sleeps in my flower garden and never leaves the gate.



good job again on rescuing another animal

Thanks ☺

Oh! My heart goes out to Anfisa. You can literally see the adversity she's endured on that little face — your leading photo

I have the utmost respect for what you do @animal-shelter, well done

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you 😉

thank you for the photos of the animals, have a nice day