I hate Cats; well here they go...

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Here you go, showing you some of the proofs you need about how pets melts even the coldest hearts. Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Parakeets and so on all falls under this thread, because they have a mysterious way of captivating our lives with their cuteness and animal intelligence. The two images above attest to two guys like you and I, who claimed they hate cats, or perhaps they haven't seen or gotten the perfect ones that hold the key to their hearts.

First frame: he doesn't like cats, but after his sister got a kitten, he's always taking it for a ride. Same in the second frame, where you have another cat and a bedmate(life sized Teddy option). Imagine cuddling your cat in bed, even though you claimed not to like one. I think I haven't seen or owned a cat personally before, chances are my kids or my wife might love one and I'll end up loving it too.

So if you don't like cats, like a whole lot of people say this at some point in time, you must be a dog lover. If you don't like either, I promise you there is something you like that you haven't found. I hope it's not a Dragon or a Waterhorse.