Max The Cat

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This is Max The Cat.

He is the resident cat on my partner's family property.

Max is nearly 17 years old.

My partner and I moved into a small cottage on the property about 3 years ago and shortly after Max decided to move into cottage with us.

Prior to this he was always an 'outside' cat given that the main house is 2 storey making it inconvenient for Max to be let in and out at his choosing.

Now Max takes full advantage of cottage life, particularly being able to sleep through winter inside, warm and cosey, knowing he can be let out at a moment's notice.

When I became his main caregiver I changed his diet from cheap tinned cat food to fresh raw meat (he is a particular fan of kangaroo) and he sometimes gets a tin of good quality grain free cat food (mainly when we run out of fresh meat just before shopping day).

Not looking too bad for an old guy, if I say so myself 😉

These pictures were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S9.

Thanks for reading.

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