Grapthar's Hive o' Cats, Daily Photos! Just a Few Shots for Monday!

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Well, I unfortunately was unable to get photos of the cats during the afternoon today, as I had work, but when I got home, I did get some decent enough shots, despite the dark house/lack of sunlight. There were no portrait-mode shots, but Tiger gave me a funny pose, laying on his back, and Blaze was relaxing in his stacked-bed-tower, so I can't complain.

Enjoy the photos!

Tiger looking up at shadows on the wall.

Photo Jun 29, 19 52 59.jpg

Cleo, passed out in a box.

Photo Jun 29, 19 56 04.jpg

Blaze, in his stacked tower.

Photo Jun 29, 20 25 12.jpg

Tiger hanging out under the piano.

Photo Jun 29, 20 52 57.jpg

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Seeing your post made my daughter a happy toddler!

hehe I'm glad to hear that! they make me happy too, lol.