Grapthar's Hive o' Cats, Daily Photos! A Whole Bunch o' Photos to Celebrate Purrsday!

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Well today was quite the day for cat photos! I managed to get a bunch of shots of the gang, some in the sunny afternoon, and some later in the evening. I found Cleo and Blaze hanging out together, so I tried my best to get some shots of them, which came out decent enough, though Cleo was constantly moving around, making it a bit difficult. Tiger also gave me a hilarious pose on the couch, sitting on his back, showing off his belly.

Enjoy the photos!

Blaze, passed out.

Photo Jul 02, 13 14 46.jpg

Tiger in a perch.

Photo Jul 02, 13 14 25.jpg

Cleo in a box.

Photo Jul 02, 13 15 07.jpg

Tiger and Blaze on the table.

Photo Jul 02, 19 51 11.jpg

Cleo and Blaze, tail hug.

Photo Jul 02, 19 57 37.jpg

Cleo and Blaze, hanging.

Photo Jul 02, 20 01 41.jpg

Tiger being a goof.

Photo Jul 02, 20 53 05.jpg

Bird's eye view of Blaze.

Photo Jul 02, 13 14 55.jpg

Bird's eye view of Blaze and Cleo.

Photo Jul 02, 20 02 51.jpg

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Lazy days of Summer...🙀

Most definitely. it's getting SUUUUUPER hot here, so they're extra lazy.

These are all nice photos. I especially like the one of Tiger and Blaze on the table. It's just that look on his face like he's the king of this place.

The one of Tiger being a goof is amusing as well.

I like your word Purrsday. Hehe!

Happy Purrsday!