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RE: It's Christmas!

in #cats4 months ago

Congrats on the rep 67

And I am curious did you find batteries already ? Hahahah


Some are on the way! :)

Hahahah i am dying to see their reaction

So far "up" is in play and I haven't gotten Maggie to use it yet. I think she thinks I'm nuts. XD But I imagine it takes a while for the first ones for them to get what you're trying to ask them to do. Once you have the idea that button = result down, it's probably easier to learn new words after that.
*hopefully, lol

Hahahah i wonder what Maggie is thinking and if she ever ill, but when the reward is tasty that will def change the outcome, i will be waiting for the blog hahahahh hope you are doing well in off line life

Thanks, you too! :)