Enter Our Steemit Casino Christmas Raffle & Win Up To 495,000 Credits In One Shot

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Santa Claus is near your building ready to deliver presents and spread some good ol’ Christmas cheer.   

Since he has his hands full – he has to visit each and every one of us in just one night – we at steemit casino have decided to give him a helping hand with some new & exciting promos that will make you cheer even more.

Steemit Casino Raffle Is Now Even Bigger & Better This Christmas

For starters, beginning today, December 23, 2019, you will have the chance to participate in a special Christmas Raffle that took a big hit rake-wise.   

In our previous raffles, 95% of the price of admission went into the reward pool while we retained a 5% rake. This Christmas, we’ve decided to decrease the rake to the absolute minimum to encourage all of our players to participate in our special Christmas Raffle. Thus, we will only retain 1% of the price of admission, leaving the rest of 99% up for grabs, for one lucky winner who will be decided randomly, at the end of the raffle.   

That means you can potentially win a maximum of 495,000 credits if all our 5,000 tickets are sold.   In order to participate, all you have to is make a deposit, access the Raffle page and purchase at least 1 ticket which is worth 100 credits (aka 1 STEEM as per our latest credit system change).

Each player can buy up to 100 tickets if he/she wishes to increase the chances of winning the BIG prize. There is also a cap of 5,000 tickets that can be sold during our special Christmas Raffle.   The winner of the BIG prize will be chosen randomly at the end of the Christmas Raffle, on December 30, 2019, so be sure to enter the raffle as soon as possible, starting today.   

You can always check the Raffle page to see how much time remains till the raffle ends and the random draw is made.

But Wait… There’s More!

Our raffle is not the only game we’ve decided to tweak this winter holidays.   

Our freshly-integrated Dice or High – Low game as many of you may know it was also on Santa’s list to make it more worthwhile to play this Christmas.   

Starting today, the House Edge is now just 1% down from 3% so you can win even more if you make the right choice.   

You don’t have to play the 50/50 game, you know, if you feel really lucky. You can always increase the payout by moving the slider to your left side of your screen. Obviously, to play it safe, you can always increase your win chance by moving the slider to your right side of your screen.   

It is really that easy! If you are fed up with clicking or touching buttons, you can always try our advanced Auto Mode, tweak the conditions if you want to, and let our provably fair RNG do its thing.   

As always, you can verify the fairness of our games by clicking/touching the Provably Fair button just below your user menu. 

Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone!