Sticking To The CashJuice Plan

Originally published in October 2018, during the CashJuice pre-launch phase.

With less than 2 weeks away until the official launch, it’s important to understand the importance of the “CashJuice Plan“.

Right now, the primary focus should be on attracting referrals. Referrals build followers and a foundation for you earn money from November 3rd and onward.

This is your golden opportunity to get one step ahead and make the most of being one of the first to get in at the pre-launch stage!

Fast Track Your Success

The “CashJuice Plan” has simple step by step instructions on how to get started and how to leverage Cashjuice to maximize your business potential:

  1. Build an audience
  2. Turn that audience into money.
  3. Use the CashJuice community.

Why is the CashJuice plan special?

Well apart from being 100% free… CashJuice includes everything you need to be successful, build a social media following and build a recurring income online.

The Details

In the end…it’s all about getting hits to your links:

  • Setup a free advertising funnel so you can create advertising streams that all funnel into one channel.
  • Setup free advertising streams that funnel potential followers onto your special CashJuice referral page.
  • Follow for daily tips to ensure you are maximizing your business and making the most of every opportunity.

How do you get followers?

When you refer someone to CashJuice, not only will they be your follower but they will also automatically become one of your followers.

However…when your referral refers someone, they also become one of your followers and this continues for 5 levels deep!

You can also win followers when you promote yourself on CashJuice. Get to the top of the league, write a great post, or simply make a connection. However you do it, people will find you.

Beyond Traffic Exchanges

Since CashJuice was first opened to the upgraded members of TrafficAdBar, a large portion of the people involved at the moment are part of the traffic exchange community.

But this is rapidly changing…

CashJuice, and it’s ever growing feature list, is moving in the direction of a much larger audience. Stay tuned for updates!

I look forward to connecting with you!


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Great tips on how to leverage CashJuice to build an income Michael, and by the way you can also earn CTP tokens if you add the ctp tag, you can edit it afterwards, though I don't know how long after you have published it that it needs to be added to be published to CTPtalk which is required to earn CTP tokens, payout is 7 days after publish though so that is most definitely a hard line, stay awesome.


I'll get the tag on every post moving forward so I can plug into the CTP community! Thanks for the tip, Erik :)