A Car That I Am Confident To Ride Into: 4x4 Toyota Safari Snorkel

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Toyota Safari Snorkel

Toyota Safari Snorkel


I live in a place that gets flooded because of the nature of the landscape which is near the river that denotes a low lying area in our province. In fact our town is a part of the catch basin of the adjacent provinces.

Right now we are alerted of being submerged again as the flood waters are going down to our town although my village is one of the higher grounds among the other villages of our town.

In the event that things gets worse I really wanted to have a car that can survive in going through high flooded areas to give me the confidence of not getting bugged down because the engine had took-in some water making it to cease in the middle of crossing a high flooded area.

4x4 Toyota Hilux Revo DoubleCab



That is why I wanted a car specifically like this one, it has a snorkel and allowing it to wade across basically high flooded roads and places where regular cars cannot pass through but small enough to cross bridges that are not good for heavier vehicles like cargo trucks.

I feel secured if when I would board this car, it might not win a race but it is built to travel an otherwise impassable roads due to rough terrain, muddy, and flooded roads.

My brother also doesn't like regular cars because they seem to be very low lying on the ground unlike higher cars like SUVs or like the photo of a 4x4 Toyota Safari above. I know that these kinds of vehicles are quite pricey for my capacity but it is free to dream about wanting a car that I like, maybe soon I can own one who knows?

4x4 Mercedes G-class


Interesting vehicle. It would be great to have this available to help in rescue operations. Looks strong enough to pull a fallen tree off the road.

Yeah @creativetruth I like a strong and sturdy big vehicles that is reliable for such bad road conditions.