Keeping Weedcash Spam Free Sicne 2019!!

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Hello Weedcash! With so many great changes happening within our community, I thought it would be a perfect time to get a post out there and give people some guidance on what is acceptable to post to the Weedcash Network. Well maybe I did get a little motivation from someone to do so, and to that person, I thank you. Doing this job is not very fun, and when someone says they approve of this account, it does release some stress of my back.

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At the start of Weedcash, there was a lot of spam coming in. At least 3 posts a day that where non Weedcash related! I do have to say that with everyone's effort, the abuse has stopped. Every now and then we do have the occasional off topic post, but it is very rare. Since Weedcash has been added to SteemPeak, there will be more people who use the tag to try to get extra rewards. Lets go over what is accepted, and what may get flagged.

What qualifies as a Weedcash post

  • Cannabis content
  • Psychedelic content
  • Posts about the Weedcash Token
  • Steem-Engine Tribe updates
  • Cannabis inspired art

Pretty straight foreword right?

I would like to go over the last one. We all know cannabis is apart of many peoples lives, and even provides inspiration. But you can't just post something, and say well I was high when I did it, so I will slap the Weedcash tag on it. Be creative with it. With that said, I will take a more laid back approach to posts like these, and let the community decide with their up votes if it is Weedcash worthy. The last thing I want to do is to chase people away.

What I will flag, or leave a comment on

  • Plagiarism
  • Post's that have zero to do with Weedcash

If I do leave a flag or a comment, don't take it personal. This is a community for cannabis and psychedelics, and we have every right to keep it that way. There are plenty of Tribes and community's out there for all types of content. Our founder @richardcrill has spent his own hard earned money, and many of us have spent a lot of time to make what Weedcash is today. So please just have some common sense, and respect.


To my fellow Steemians on Weed, please fell free to leave a comment on this post to a link of someone who is abusing the tag. Or you can drop a link in #abuse-report in the Weedcash Discord. Thank you



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nice, that covers our #weedcash guidelines rather well

The job to date you have been doing has been excellent!

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