Clone Sunday -

in cannabis •  5 months ago 

What's you guys think? Who on here uses super soil? Are you staying on steem or making the move to hive?

I will continue to post on full post 1 week after my blog to weedcash whether they stay on steem or move to hive.

Do you think it is ok for @justinsunsteemit to block post now?

Clone Sunday


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Well I say steemit does have there own right to do as they please on their front end, but from what I understand they can be seen from other front ends.

Also Im staying. Things will be rough at first, but i think things will be better. I think it sucks that there is a felling of being pushed over to hive via spam attacks, and a your with us or against us mentality.

Yeah it is going to be a rough ride I hate centralized bullshit. Mightest well go and stay on facebook at that point.

Fuck hive with the whole us or them shit cause that attitude sucks as well. So guess we have to ride it out as the cannabis community had no support on steem. Maybe it will on hive 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well man we can stay and try right? Cause hell, steem was not decentralized before. Not saying im for it, but fuck like you said we never really got love from the community at large. When Smoke was created, I felt under attack, and stayed loyal to Steem. But the Steem community did not care for that.

I am not here to fight either. So I hope I will not be punshied in some way for not being gung ho hive. Just how some of the people who voted for Justins proxys in protest did not get the airdrop. Now that was a all time low for me. Basically saying those that protests against us, off with there head mentality. I know some of those people spent alot of money on steem to, and even campaigned for the old witnesses for over 2 years!!

Yeah, that is stupid, I don't agree with them not getting the airdrop. I mean I get steemit stack before forked out but not other people. I mean it may work out in the end that steem is the better chain. the next week or so will make up the difference. Justin has money to throw around. He could Drop us a fat delegation 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well We got to be heard, cause we love Steem and are not giving up entirely. I don’t agree with both sides what caused this mess. There is something worth fighting for. For sure an interesting time.

I'm going to consider the Steem blockchain another one of my many platforms. I wouldn't just leave it unless there was a good reason to. I have a shit ton of posts and comments here I don't want to abandon. But I don't want to be using Steemit. I wish Steempeak was still functioning. Even Weedcash is messed up right now.
As for Hive, I dunno, I might post some more there, I might not. If my wallet was working, I might enjoy it a little more, but until they get things sorted out I don't see a point in giving it my time and effort.

Yeah man i am with you there. It is time we do broad our horizons beyond just one platform. I really need to learn how to do videos.

Videos really is where it is at. I get more views from videos that I do from post

I am posting from steempeak right now. It is still working. I will never use steemit again.

For hive use is like steemit useless