Santa's Kandy, Bred By Jonyoudyer, An Exclusive Weedcash Grow(Seed Germination)

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What's up Steem! It has been 4 months since I have had a plant growing, and around 6 months since I had my indoor closet grow. Prior I was growing cannabis since December of 2016, everyday. It was something I grew used to, and really enjoyed. Growing your own medicine, food, or even something that is just grown for it's beauty is just plain fun! I love it. It provides me with so much. Stress relief, therapy, something to do. I have dearly missed it, and keep telling myself, I am going to start, I just need better equipment. Well I am still unable to upgrade to better equipment, but I am sick of not growing. I will stop making excuses, and use what I got. I am also answering the call to the contest being held by @skylinebuds. Weedcash is coming along nice, but we need more grows. He hopes to attract more growers, and most of all, inspire some of you to grow your own. I am basically a noob. I am no master, but I want to learn. So if your saying to yourself, "Growing is hard, I cant do it", think again. If I can do it, you can too!

Ok lets go over the requirements in order to join in on Skylines contest

  • Has to be a new grow(Start from beginning, clone, or seed)
  • 2 or more photos per post
  • 100 words minimum
  • Use #weeklygrowlog & weedcash & cannabis for 3 of your tags.(So they can be easily found on the Chain)
  • Add your strain + breeder + Weedcash in post title.(This helps your post show up in more Google search results)
  • Post must be published directly from the Weedcash front-end
  • With the exception of week one that will be 2 weeks from posting date you have 7 days to make the post and enter in that week's rewards.(You can enter in at any time, this contest is ongoing!)

** All these rules are for optimization of SEO.

Ok time for the fun stuff!

The strain that I will be growing is a cross I made with the same dad as Steem Og, and a Kandy Kush female. I have dubbed this F1 cross, "Santa's Kandy".


The dad of Steem Og, and Santa's Kandy

I wish I still had pics of the Kandy Kush. It was some great herb. The terpene% was through the roof! It was the strongest smelling stuff I have ever grown. Only 8 seeds of the Santa's Kandy where propagated, so it is a rare strain. You wont find it in Leafly, only here on Weedcash. I am popping 6, the other 2 where given to a friend. I am very excited to see what kind of phenos come out of these. Since this strain is a F1 (meaning it is the offspring from two different strains), there will be many different characteristics from each seed. Not until you start inbreeding is when you will get seeds that are consistent. Maybe f4's, or f5's will be more like each other. But with F1's, there will be many. I really do hope I find a beautiful purple pheno!

To get started, I have dropped all 6 seeds in water, and will let them sit for 24 hours. So tomorrow at this time I will set each seed into a Rapid Rooter. Until then I will take the time to clean out one of my small closets.

To be continued............

If you are reading this, and are contemplating to grow your own, what are you waiting for? If you have a closet, all you need is a few more things. You can find what you need for a couple hundred bucks, maybe even less. You don't have to shell out a grand. There are many small budget grows that do good. You have to start from somewhere. The biggest most important thing, is to just have fun!

Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!




Sweeeet, a new crop! Welcome back to gardening, I'm actually surprised you stayed away so long, hahah. Good to have more growers with active medicine patches on the blockchain :)

Yeah it just makes sense. Its a great tool to recruit more users too. I think first place is we can get those Smoke people to jump ship

Sweeeet! I love watching new genetics take form! This will be a fun one to watch!

Yeah it willbe fun to see what I get. Its like a mystery box filled with cannabanoids and terpenes! Lol thanks for your comment

It should be cured by next Christmas..

It is going to be X-mas year round now!

Damn. That sucks. I hate Christmas.

Ill make sure to tag you each post, lol here have a !BEER

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Hello @jonyoudyer,
I never grew medicinal plants in the closet ..
But in the open ground, I grew a lot of medicinal trees. And I agree that the most delicious smoke I have grown, good growth, your future plant.

I envy outdoor growers. One day i hope to have a nice spot for a big tree!

it will be great.

it will be great.

Right on Jon! I know you’ve missed growing. Stoked to see how these plants and flowers will look.

Yeah this should be an interesting strain. Hopfully i still got it, lol

Alright, about time you start to grow!

Yeah I figured I would never start to grow again waiting for an upgrade. When I get my tax refund, I will splurge a little on a tent, and a nice light.