Blueberry Muffin

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Hey everyone! So my Blueberry Muffin is just a few days away from being chopped. I do have to say that this is the most healthiest plant I have ever finished. It's not very big, due to starting from clone a few months ago, but it is not how big your pencil is, it is how nice you sign your name. I imagine you all are getting tired of hearing me rant and rave how this plant really smells like Blueberry Muffins! Well let me just say, this fucking plant really smells like those muffins that have blueberry's in it! Ha ;)

So this strain was bred by The Humboldt Seed Company. It is a cross of Blueberry x Purple Panty Dropper x Razzleberry, and is the seed company's flagship product. Just recently Leafly just named the BBM one of the top 9 strains of the outdoor season. Check out the article here.

This was a clone that I took a few months back. It was started indoors, then after a few weeks I started to put it outside during the day to get sun, and then took back inside in evening and kept under a CFL. So it was receiving 24 hours of a mixture of sun and artificial light.

I am using a mixture of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog soil. I water with tap water, that I sit out for 48 hours before using. Sitting out tap water will dissipate the chlorine. I use an organic Botanicare bloom fertilizer every other watering. 2 weeks ago I stopped adding fertilizer, and have just been using plain water. I do not 'Flush', but I do 'Rinse'. This is to achieve a smooth smoke. Also drowning your roots in water is just something that does not make sense.

I really enjoyed growing this strain. Nov 1st will be the day I make the call and harvest. We have been having some perfect weather. I may just only cut the top buds, and let the smaller bottom growth grow more. I do have one more small plant that is about a month away from finishing.

This is a tester of Dj Short Blueberry x Astro Beaver. I have yet to think of a name. The smell is very similar to a pine tree, with a hint of skunk. It is on the sativa side of the spectrum. Let's do something fun. In the comments, help me come up with a name for this strain from what I just described. We can do this all the way till I smoke it to see how it tastes. I will give a 100% up vote with my 27k Weed Power Stake. Let's have some fun! Until then, stay smokey my friends.




Looks beautiful! Nice job!

BTW, flushing doesn't make sense scientifically. But people still do it and believe in it. More power to 'em. We're all cultivators.


Thank you! I cant wait till i make the switch to living soil.

Blueberry pancakes short stack

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NOw im am hungry! lol

Nice man

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Thanks cowboy!

Nice! Do you let the trichomes get milky or amber before you chop?

I like about 10% amber.

"I do not 'Flush', but I do 'Rinse'. This is to achieve a smooth smoke. Also drowning your roots in water is just something that does not make sense."

Hey bud! When people talk about flushing, it may sound like they're talking about flooding the roots with water, but they aren't. Flushing actually just means not adding additional chemicals right before the plant is harvested, by giving it plain water only. So what you're doing actually is what most people call "flushing".... withholding nutrients at the end of the plant's life, when it can't make use of them anyway and they just end up in your flower. Yuck.
Anyway, I guess you could say I "flush" starting in week 1 of veg! Never anything but tapwater.
Getting ready for round 4 on Steem, round 1 at my new house! Popping beans any day. The adventure never gets old :D
Keep up the great gardening.

Yeah flushing is something that everyone has a differnt way of doing it. I have seen so many people dump gallons of water the last 2 weeks. I think the most common method is like for every gallon of soil, use 5 gallons of water! Crazy. Also living soil is the way to go. Once i get a better setup that's what i will be doing.

Round 4 of Steem! Right on man. Im like the only one not growing it now, lol.

Maybe those people are trying desperately to wash out all the CRAP they put into their soil throughout the grow cycle, and waterlogging the plants is the only way they can think of? Anyway, you're on top of it, I know that :)
Well this is round 4 on the Steem blockchain, for me.... round 1 at my new house (last 3 were in an apartment in Vancouver).... and yeah it's my second round of Steem OG! Not that you asked, but:

  1. Pink Kush
  2. Steem OG and Northern Lights
  3. Super Skunk (finished up by my buddy after I moved)
  4. Steem OG in my new place!

Stay lifted bro.

Beautiful, delicious buds.

Thank you

Beautiful, healthy looking plants and bonus air freshener. I've got a couple of blue dream clones in the closet that seem to be doing really well. The room has a subtle sweet smell to it now.

I would love to see some steem/weedcash posts brother! Blue dream is an amazing strain.

Okay, I'll put something together. :)

How bout Short Blue Beaver or Blue Space Beaver 😂👏 fun. Looks delicious Jon.

UUU, good ones. Thanks for stopping by!

Looks really nice. good smoke, greetings

Cheers! !BEER

I really like the colors on those nice job man!

Very nice!