Do You Love Cannabis?

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If you love cannabis and demonstrate that in your blog, @hivecannabis will support you with upvotes and follows from the decentralized cannabis community, you can use the same keys you used to log into, but with 1 benefit, you will earn WeedCash for the content you post.

This project has just got started, don't miss your chance to get in early. Thank you for the support palnet community, we are all here to curate great content!

You can see our introductory post here.


Interesting .. this is the hivecannabis community....

And this isn't our account.

Not only do we have questions but there is a interesting issue here.

Cannacurate chose to remain on steemit and really bribed people to rally to them.

Which is nice. Good for you.

Noticed the votes from canna.

We don't endorse canna at all.

And funny how you use our tag... Odd.

Well @ganjafarmer would love to know who is behind this account and the connections to cannacurate.

We don't endorse this account.

I thought you started this account

Nope I started the community and a week later this guy plagerizes my community with this ripoff account?


There is a lot of bs going on right now if you are on Instagram let's connect follow me @kgakakillerg

Thanks for the support 🤝 keep up the good work here's a little tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate !trdo

This is hivecannabis community. Not sure who this account belongs to but it's not ours and we don't endorse the cannacurate community.

Thanks for letting me know

Yep this person plagerizes my community and then gets an attitude when caught.

I'm losing patience with this person and about to start my first real flag war.

Just posted some pics to your community 👍🏾

Thanks again for letting me know 🤝

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