Breaking Down The Walls

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Indoor Cherry Kush grown by @choosefreedom

Over here at Canna-Curate we are very serious about cannabis. It is beyond roach clips, and hot knife hits over the stove flame. We set out to show the block chain that cannabis users are not the lazy, tie dye wearing, sitting on your ass playing video games all day, that non cannabis users may think of someone who partakes in the herb. It is far from any of that. Cannabis is medicine, and is also a life enhancer. So whether you smoke cannabis to chill out and relax to watch a movie, or you smoke or ingest the herb to kill pain from chemo, all forms of use is medicine. After all it is 2019, and it is time people stop be leaving all the bull shit propaganda that has been pushed down our throats. All that aside, GalsofCannabis is an account to break another stereotype. Woman are major players in the cannabis community, and are equal to men, and Steem/Weedcash has some bad ass woman in our Canna community! This account, just like the @guysofcannabis will showcase these wonderful ladies. So hit that follow button, and stay tuned. You too will see what I see in our wonderfull Canna community. If it where not for these people that I also call friends, I would not love Steem as much as I do. Being the best social media block chain platform would not be possible without the people within.

-Much love and respect from your's truly, @jonyoudyer




It's a great idea! Although those of us who have had it, and worked hard at it for years, still haven't been able to find anyone here on the blockchain who wants to do it for free. We've had to recruit from FaceBook, and even then, we currently only have 3 models from all of Canada's millions of stoner girls!
So while there's always room for more girlsofgreen type groups, it looks like you're going to have to rely on non-Canadians to fill your ranks. We've been searching here for 2 years now without any luck. Luckily Canada isn't the only country with lots of stoners!

'High' from Kaila Kush on the East Coast : ))

Hey @girlsofgreen! Just so you know we value you, and respect your hard work and dedication to the Steem block chain, but this account is to showcase the woman here on Steem already. I hope in the near future we can show case the girls of green as well!

Hi Jon! Look at this great new addition to the Steem cannabis community!! Congratulations.

It's crazy to me the history and current realities surrounding the herb. And, all the years i was told smoking was killing my brain cells. But, somehow (eventhough i had great regard and respect for media and doctors (with all due respect) at the time) ~i love how you put it~ the life enhancing benefits for me were clear. And, intuitively i knew all those years but was told otherwise. It's such a mind f$#@. Never did i ever think i'd be submitting my weed prescription receipts for reimbursement to insurance. Yet, maybe i did create this reality. Whatever it is, Haha right on! All the best with your future dreams of the Steem Cannabis Community! 🤗❤

The medical law in Canada seems like a great one. I do hear the legalization is complete BS though. Thanks for your comment, and you know ill be asking you to show case in a future Galsof canna post! ;) Also i choose the name gals, since it was close to the guysofcannabis, lol.

Nice name, i like it ❤ .....don't get me started on Cannabis legislation! It's now legal for cops to demand breathalyzer at check stops. And, on q random Friday morning, yesterday, a regular clean-cut retired farmer drove 45 mins from his farm to the town i live in along the TransCanada Highway and was stopped and had to blow twice! Story from his mouth. He said cops in the town where he lives, stopped a very frail elderly man while he was getting mail. He was too weak to blow, eventhough he's trying. They nearly arrested him. The old man called his son to come. Legalization was a grab to tighten the noose just a bit more. It's not cool in the least. The plant needs to be decriminalized. Laws erased. Cannabis is is arguably the most usefulness plant on the planet. For me, it's a plant that nourishes in such a good way it's undeniable because of the actual experience it offers. Even when you've been told SO Much how bad/ evil and harmful it is. I was so surprised when i tried it. Anyways. Honestly, i think it's so awesome what you are doing to create this Cannabis community. Steem on!

This is great! So many amazing women in our cannabis community here on steem/weedcash. I will be following this account to see some of the very knowledgeable ladies I’m already friends with as well as be introduced to some new gals.
✌️💚 & 😎

Yeah this should be fun!

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Cool! Thanks @arcange

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