Mother Herb Edibles available at Somewhere West Negril, Jamaica 🇯🇲

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On my recent visit to Somewhere West Negril, Jamaica I stopped by the cannabis edibles stand hosted by Mother Herb Edibles.

They provide everything from ganja cookies to brownies, candy and custom creations made to order. The business is ran by a young married couple, I’ll be sure to get a picture with them next time. They are usually setup at major cannabis events so will likely be a Rastafarian Rootzfest as well in a couple weeks or so.

Hopefully I can onboard them; with the strong cannabis community on Steem they may fit right in!


Free sample for the ‘influencer’ 😉


Jah Bless

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Nice post, you gotta love it...
West Negril here... is that close to the cliffs..?
Enjoy your sunday ;)


It’s on the cliffs... I shared a ton of pics in our Discord while I was there, you should join us, also I think @miyard wanted to contact you.

Cheers !BEER

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Nice. You know, how many times i asked
you for that discord link... ;)
Link up soon

Ouch 😬 sorry bredda but it’s available on like every @reggaesteem post and the website, you coming for Rootzfest???

That's a nice place for cannabis tourism, i hope they are allowed to have a hotel on the same property, like a bed and breakfast. Maybe if more people were allowed to create those businesses and you had less regulations on people's ability to setup cannabis businesses and eco resorts you could have a sustainable tourism industry like Jamaica i suppose plans on having. Islands are tricky but Boats and the carribaean make it like Atlantis, you could have amazing tropical getaways with adventures that will make westerners feel like its disney land ride, and then they stop by the land and get to sleep in a cannabis farm at night, with live reggae playing, but the festivals should be going on 24/7

i want to just have my future island be a 24/7 music festival that is stretched out so the music is just every night, with maybe sunday nights being quiet time with chill out music. But some people are so wealthy that their lifestyle could sustain a whole music festival in another country.

I can see some amazing things with a steem music festival.

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Hi @donald.porter,
I love your articles and natural photos.
This article is just great. Thank you.

Thanks, sorta wish the overall Steem community and not just RS members felt the same way 🥺

But we can’t please everyone 🤷🏽‍♂️ #thatslife

Cheers !BEER

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love me some edibles

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